can the bank close accounts without notice & have wages in?

hi, could really do with help & advise here...

i've banked with Clydesdale UK for nearly 20 years not a problem, but now moving in partner, have switched banks for a joint account.

So Direct debits etc...moved to the new account, and this was my last months wage to be paid into old account before i transfer with employer... paid on Friday, went to bank...cashline kept my card?

Went into the Bank, girl apologetic but said my account had been closed because i was in the middle of switching??

But i did not instruct this, or receive notice?

I asked about my wages that had been paid in and she said that they would have been bounced back to employer?

Had to wait till monday to call wages HAVE NOT been returned?

Called bank....they now said that any balances would have been automatically transfered to my new bank? And i should wait a couple of days for the process then check accounts and see my wages & remaining balance transfered to new account....WELL...

Waited and money transfered to new account!


This morning, received a letter from Clydesdale, my original bank...

letter states that my account has been closed due to fraudulent activity???

And that i should call into a branch with ID to collect my balances???

All seems a bit strange??? I am not fraudulent, but I am dubious about calling into branch with ID etc...after been given such a run around?

Do they want to arrest me???

Can a bank keep my wages like this?

Can they behave like this???

Please help, really dont know what to do? or how to approach this?

many thanks

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    go see the bank with the documents see what they have to say

    its most likely to protect you from fraud but without hearing their side its hard for anyone to judge

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    My account was automatically suspended for fraud when I used my bank card to buy some jewelry in Israel, they assumed the card was stolen. It took a couple of days and a trip to the bank but I got it reopened. So perhaps the fraud charge is whats keeping them from playing nice with you.

    Good luck to you!

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