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Isnt it ironic that brett favre is tieing jim marshalls record as a viking against browns?

Jim marshall record started his rookie season as a clevland brown then the rest through a minnesota viking favre on sunday will tie jim marshall regular season consecutive game record as a minnesota viking playing the clevland browns

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    I find that quite ironic. I am also a Packer fan so this is also a rather bitter moment for me. I wish Favre were still in Green Bay where he belongs. If the Vikings do win the Super Bowl this year, then I will be angry. I'll be happy for Favre, but that should be the Packers, not the Vikings. Only time will tell this season. Favre admits that his streak is in danger this season. He may not play every game. He may be a Viking, but I hope he has some fun.

    Go Packers!

    Fire Ted Thompson!

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    The Vikings have been purely up by applying 5 factors and there have been just about 4 minutes left interior the interest. Scoring a landing in those situations isn't "working up the score", it truly is including an insurance TD and attempting to win the interest. or you're kicking a container objective and giving green Bay a gamble to tie with a landing and a 2-element conversion. Favre is a gambler, you have settle for that he's going to take opportunities whilst he's on the sector. He can win a interest for you or lose it basically as actual. Childress is obviously uncomfortable with that, yet he'd greater constructive understand that he shouldn't substitute Favre.

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    Yes, but at least its a good game to tie the record, one MInnesota will win. Go Vikes Sorry but Browns and Raiders are similar teams.

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