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I want to go overseas as a exchange student....?

Im thinking somewhere is europe any advice? And how was your experience

as a exchange student?

Thanks :)

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    Being an exchange student is an experience that can not be compared to any other experience! I am a 5-time host mom (in Wyoming) and could talk for hours about hosting! I am also a new volunteer and can give a few pieces of advice about going on an exchange. My biggest piece of advice is to utilize an organization listed with the Council for Standards on International Exchange Travel ( They routinely audit programs to help insure quality. You don't mention if you are a high school or university student. If you are a university student, I'm afraid that is all of the advice I can give - I hope someone else can help you more! If you are a high school student, I have more to say. I would highly recommend Youth For Understanding (YFU). Their website ( has an great wealth of information, from a listing of countries available to stories from former exchange students to details of the application process. You should check out There you can choose a country to learn a little more about, decide the length of the stay you would like and then see the countries that offer that length, etc. They even make it possible to contact the parents of former exchange students. Please forgive my bias towards YFU, but when I have asked other exchange students why they have chosen YFU, they basically said that YFU gave them more bang for their buck. YFU is a non-profit organization and 95% of the fees collected go directly to program costs (only 5% for overhead). YFU carefully screens host families for safety and appropriateness for each student. They also have staff and volunteers in each hosting country to assist the student will many aspects of being an exchange student - from language, adaptation, and financial matters. Many of the countries accept students that do not know a single word of their language. Again, the website will list the language requirements. Expectations of exchange students is that they will attend school (just like a regular teenager), make an effort to adapt and make friends in their hosting country, and act as a member of their host family.

    The technical requirements for being a high school exchange program include age: you must be between 15 and 18 (exceptions considered on a case by case basis) at the time of the exchange. The application process can be done online, by phone, or by fax. You will need to get a recommendation from your school. You will also have an in-person interview with an agency volunteer (don't worry - it's not an interrogation - I've been the one conducting the interview before). For summer programs, you will need to have a 2.0 (out of 4.0) GPA. Semester and year programs require a 3.0 (out of 4.0). Part of the reason for this is so that struggling students won't miss precious time at school. The admission counselors with any agency should be able to answer your questions in a non-pressuring manner. (YFU= 1-800-TEENAGE)

    I congratulate you on your interest in being and exchange student. I wish you luck no matter what you choose!

    Source(s): 1-800-TEENAGE (for no-pressure answer to questions) the videos are slightly outdated, but very good nevertheless
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    I suppose you have got to understand the gist of it so you'll be able to get via it. My sister hosted a Spanish alternate scholar as soon as, she was once rather first-rate. Her English was once a little difficult, however comprehensible. I'm no longer definite how she did on the college. But I'm no longer definite if the direction paintings you do of their categories counts. I'm no longer too eager on alternate techniques. Take it as a studying enjoy, no longer as a scan for a way good you'll be able to say 'Can I get a lager' in German (what's the ingesting age there?) If you continue to are not definite...take an alternate commute to America or Canada. Although journeying to the latter could also be unhealthy in your intellectual well being.

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