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Is it worth me buying a pregnancy test?

Im 21..Ok so i had sex on the 6th Aug and went on holiday on the 9th aug for 2 weeks. But i shouldnt of come on my period until the 23rd aug, but i came on it half way through my holiday and it only lasted about 3 days and it wasnt that heavy.. which is really strange because im always usually on for 1 week. i feel bloated, gas, need to poo everyday, got an increased appitite,tired, needing to urinate abit more than usual

Could i be pregnant or not.. is it too early to tell I dont know whether or not to take a test because ive had an early 'period' which only lasted 3 days so dont know whether or not to wait to see if i come on in a few days? I havent had any sore boobs which people say they get when they are pregnant but i get sore boobs when im due to come on and havent got sore boobs yet and i should be coming on in 3 days


i was thinking of buying a pregnancy test today but not sure

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    you should buy one pregnancy test just to be sure whether you are prengnant or not

  • if you dont want to spend so much on a test go to the dollar store and get a cheapy. My friend in kansas went to the dollar tree and got the ones that cost a dollar. It worked. Thats what I would have done except where i live now the only dollar tree here is in the next city.

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    It might be too early to get an accurate result. Wait a few more days and see what happens.

    I know it will feel like torture waiting longer, but in the end it will be better than getting a false negative.

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    wait a few more days and then get one.good luck.

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  • worth it? sure? they are a dollar at the dollar store.

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