I heard that you could make good money fishing in alaska, how do i go about find more info about the job?

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    Yeah mainly because your out in the middle of nowhere where you can't spend any money. Dutch Harbor is not a major metropolis. The weather is real crappy out there. The Bering sea is notoriously rough.

    Still if you are willing to start at the bottom:





    Source(s): Fished for 2 years just out of college in the Bering. Happy not being there.
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    Yes, in fact I was just there and I learned that on a good day with ideal conditions and perfect fishing spots, a boat can make around $100,000 on fish alone. However, there are only a certain number of licenses the state issues and I'm talking maybe 8-10 total for a certain type of fish. Also, the days you can fish are EXTREMELY regulated. So in the long run, the fishing boats have a second market for these few licenses and to obtain one would involve buying one off a ship which wants to sell theirs. And I'm talking millions of dollars for one of these licenses.

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    The college right here in Alaska supplies loose training to the scholars who graduate from intense college interior the real 10% of their type. that may not open to all citizens, merely graduating seniors interior the real 10%. you are able to definitely get a scholar loan from the state to your education in Alaska. Alaska is a super place to stay, in case you do not suggestions not having assorted sunshine. The college is in Anchorage and Fairbanks; UAA-college of Alaska, Anchorage and UAF-college of Alaska, Fairbanks. Fairbanks, even with the undeniable fact that a super place to stay and circulate to college, is extremely chilly for the time of the iciness, lots less warm than Anchorage. The summers in Fairbanks are lots nicer yet many college scholars at the instant are not there for the time of the summer. Anchorage is an even bigger place and is probably not a "college city" like Fairbanks.

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    Watch "the worlds most dangerous catch" on PBS. The north Pacific is very rough and dangerous. You would be safer driving a dynamite truck. It pays good, but so does being a mercenary. But if you don't live long enough to get your paycheck, how good is it really?

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    It is hard work, and dangerous too. But you might try looking in the want ads. The Anchorage Daily News is www.adn.com I think.

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    It's not as easy as it sounds. I hope you know how to fish.

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