What is the actual state of evolution of humankind? What should be more developed, what is still missing?

What can one do to further our evolution? Isn't it obvious that humankind is not in an very advanced state? There is no doubt possible when we look around and observe and experience what is going on on this planet and in our personal life. Is cruelty, suffering, manipulation all over, separation, hate, war and all the other results of our 'way of life' a natural reality of our state of evolution? Shouldn't we do something about it? Who can give *creative* answers to these questions???


I'm not a biologist and when I used the word 'evolution' then I didn't mean the 'change in the genetic material of a population of organisms' I simply mean our state of being as growing creatures.

Update 2:

Then it might be that I'm in the wrong category with my question, but

It seems that in 'Religion & Spirituality' people have their specific dogma, similar as in 'Anthropology' but I thought that a scientific and also a religious person might be just some one with a sense of human... Only when I ask my question in 'Philosophy' then there was hardly an answer, probably because there is no philosophical concept that fits to this kind of question...

Part of the answer might be, that humans are stuck in their concepts and they are so much identified with them that they have lost their real identity or with clinging on the fake, they are not able to grab something more real. How do you see it?

Update 3:

OK, I made a mistake to use the word 'evolution', now you cling all on the scientific theory. So change the word 'evolution' against 'growth'. All alive beings are in a constant change, one might call it 'transformation', right? At least that's what I'm observing in nature with plants and animals, so I guess this also happens with humans...

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    I understand that you are asking for the state of our growing process as alive beings and you can call us 'human species' without getting too much into scientific concepts. This you can't avoid when you use the word 'evolution', so I will not use it.

    The 'actual state' of the human species in their growing process is that they have created and developed an individual 'personality'. In this state humans are totally identified with their manifested entity and that includes their body and their senses and also their mind and emotions. They enrich their personality with what ever they receive and can integrate, making it to their property. In this state humans are aware of their existence, but are not capable to experience their pure state of existence, they need to be reflected through their senses and their reactions in their mind and emotions. They have established their 'personality' and are looking constantly for confirmation, to be able to experience their existence. Everyone is using everyone in this common game and within the established society rules and roles are given. Every thing has its place in the given frame of knowledge. This gives security and the possibility to rise in the hierarchy of knowledge and power.

    The next step in the growing process is without doubt that people start to be more aware about themselves. Then they will get out of their limited state of 'personality' and the frames within society. In this step of their growing process people will step out of dependencies and then they might be able to take self responsibility. This still seems pretty far away in most people's state of growing, but there are more and more individuals who are questioning themselves and finding answers beyond the established system. This will cause a 'quantum jump' and then it will be much easier for others. The need to defend their established state of being will be reduced and new influences will enter into ones system...

    So then people will cling less on concepts and beliefs and relate more directly to their daily reality, being able to respond out of their human potential including their feelings...

    The concepts, life style, world view, attitude, beliefs, hopes, dreams and all what is part of society is real for people, because they are identified with it. For them this is not 'fake' because it is the only way they have, out of this they live their life and they can't grab another view and see what might be more *real*. People can't be convinced or forced to get out of it. Even an animal, that has been living all ones life in a cage, will go back to this used space, if you force it to stay outside...

    What one can do? Take care first of yourself. You need to heal yourself before you can heal someone else. Get out of your own cage and explore and experience your new freedom. Find your own *reality* and relate and respond from there to what shows up. With this your energy will change and even without doing something specific you will influence what ever you touch or who you will meet.

    It is much more difficult to change oneself than giving ones intentions into wanting to change circumstances, others and the world...

    With this I hope that I could answer your question and give you a hint in which direction to find your path. There is always the possibility to ask more questions. That's the great thing about 'Yahoo Answers'. The space is there and freely offered, so let's use it in favor of our growing process!


  • 3 years ago

    Evolution is ongoing. for the reason that we will not be attentive to the destiny, we will not do something to make stronger or perhaps to end the technique for people. we are able to draw conclusions approximately what people would desire to try this would desire to help the reason of effective evolution yet, if day after today, the earth starts to flood the floor with copious volumes of hydrocyanic gasoline, there will be no people left to evaluate the outcomes. Such is the character of evolution. the subject is that, as quickly as we are comparing evolution, we are an element contained in the assessment. an element of the test so which you would be able to desire to talk. it can be a typical irony if, contained in the technique of interpreting how we would desire to be waiting to regulate the evolutionary technique, we introduced approximately our very own extinction.

  • 1 decade ago

    In my opinion you did not make a mistake. If we

    look at evolution in the broadest sense, we find that

    it pervades all aspects of our existence. Each event

    in our world whether it be global or only within the

    confines of our inner world, is an adaptation we either

    can or cannot make. If we can, we live. If we can't, we

    die. It might be death on the grand scale ending our

    individual existence or on a smaller scale, ending the

    existence of that within us that depends upon

    adaptability for its survival. The example you gave

    of a human so identified with an idea that he loses his

    sense of his own identity is an excellent example of the

    small scale death. Not death in the biological sense

    but death in the psychological sense.

    Your questions would be valid in any category. Only

    those who have too many deaths in their history would

    be that exclusionary.

  • 1 decade ago

    Evolution is a (slow) process of adaption to changing environments and conditions. Therefore it is not predictable and it has no predefined purpose. It depends on the living conditions we will face in the future. For example, if humanity expands into space, on other planets or whatever, humans will evolve and adapt to those conditions eventually, but this will take many, many generations.

    On the other hand, we are manipulating the change of humanity ourselves now. This is something no other species could do yet. Therefore we do influence evolution ourselves, for example by eliminating unhealthy conditions, eliminating diseases and so on. But we cannot stop evolution totally. New challenges will occur continuously, like new viruses for example.

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  • 1 decade ago

    There's no directionality in evolution. We're not progressing towards an ultimate, perfect form or anything like that. At the moment, we are as evolved as any other species on this earth.

    Evolution is a natural process, driven by natural selection. As long as we reproduce successfully (and you only have to look at the growing global population to see that we are seriously prolific breeders) the only reason for us to change would be in response to environmental changes.

    There's awful stuff going on in the world, but it's nothing to do with our perceived level of evolution. Perhaps the violent and cruel will eventually destroy themselves (and their genes) or maybe we'll make the world uninhabitable for us as a species. Who knows?

    Ultimately, the best that we can do is live our lives in a very non-natural selection manner. While that process is the ideal way to run a species, it's barbaric on the societal level.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    To start, I completely believe in evolution.

    We, as the human race, are very technologically advanced but we are not yet morally advanced. It is morality that I believe should be further developed.

  • 1 decade ago

    That stuff: Cruelty,suffering,manipulation,separation, hate, war, that's done in the name of Natural Selection. We are either predators or prey within our own species.We have evolved away from nature. Instead of planting a garden in the front yard we would rather be corporate and have landscaping and have someone else solve world hunger. We care so much about each other we are paying people to make a new law everyday to tell us how to act. Laws to protect us from each other. I think we have evolved ourselves out of nature. Into a manufactured life that certainly is capable of collapse. I'm thinking someday the Lord may want His garden back. It will be one heck of an eviction notice.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well, first of all, remember that there's no reason to think we *should* be at some kind of impressively evolved stage right now. I mean, we're more complex than most organisms on earth, but that doesn't mean we're as advanced as we're going to get, or that we're in our final state.

    I personally don't hold out much hope for humanity. We're animals, technically speaking, and as such we're often driven by disgusting motives. It also doesn't seem like kindness and morality are genetic, and if that's true then our evolution by natural selection toward such an advanced state is a total crap shoot.

    We'll either have to figure out how to live with each other, one by one, or go extinct. Choice is ours. Be good to your fellow humans and we'll be one step closer.

    @cead: approximately every single word.

  • 1 decade ago

    Actually the human race has entered into a period of stasis as far as evolution is concerned. The usual driving force of evolution of a species is isolation followed by changes in niche conditions. Humanity has no truly isolated populations and the large genetic pool means any localised changes are quickly diluted and lost.

    This doesn't take into account our ability to tamper directly with our genetic code which may take us into uncharted evolutionary territory in the near future.

  • 1 decade ago

    Right now, we are the remaining hominid on this planet. It will be possibly thousands to millions of years before another hominid appears. Evolution has no direct link to cruelty, suffering, manipulation, separation, hate or war.

    We can do things that might ease these things, but it'll take more than just prayer.

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