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how to get audio to my tv from macbook pro 13inch?

so im going to buy this adpater

i want to display my macbook pro on my tv so im going to buy that adpater then hook up my hdmi on it and now i have video [;

but on the reviews of the adpater it says i only get audio on my macbook pro not on the tv

so what wire do i have to buy to be able to hear my macbook pro 13 inch on my tv

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    I use a 3.5mm to RCA cable. It looks like a standard headphones jack on one end, and plugs into the headphones port on your MacBook. The other end has RCA plugs, which are the red, yellow and white ones that heaps of stuff use. The white and red ones are for audio so the 3.5mm to RCA plug has both red and white rca plugs on one end (and the headphones one on the other).

    You will also need to buy a rca to rca plug to go from the adapter to the tv.

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