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which 2 should i start..... reggie bush, Brandon Jacobs, chris johnson or pierre thomas?

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    Brandon Jacobs and Chris Johnson.

    Both Bush and THomas are hurt and have bad injuries. Saints Rb Mike Bell will more than likely get most of the carries against the Lions this week. Thomas is probable and Reggie Bush is riding pine.

    Jacobs is facing the Redskins D with big baby Haynesworth clogging the middle. But he is a def. start.

    Johnson hasnt looked that great this preseason but i kno whe will open up. Steelers might stuff him, but he is a stud.

    remember the most important rule in fantasy: Start your studs no matter what. Playing the matchups will leave you chasing your own tail.

    good luck.

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    Jacobs and Johnson. They are better RBs anyway, but its tough to choose between two RBs (Thomas and Bush) that are on the same team and are on a pass-happy team.

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    QB's.... they look approximately surprising.. i could positioned Brees till now Roth.. merely for the undeniable fact that NO has an straight forward bypass schedule this twelve months.. RB's.... i could positioned F. Gore in at 8 and Jones Drew off of the checklist.. except its a PPG league.. and that i could positioned M. Lynch till now J. Lewis.. merely for the undeniable fact that Buffalo has the least confusing working schedule this twelve months.. and Lynch is likewise getting each and every of the workload this twelve months.. WR's... i could positioned M. Colston as against Plaxico.. NO has an straight forward bypass schedule this twelve months.. and Colston is notably lots the only WR the Saints have.. and he would be scoring maximum of they are end zone passes with the aid of fact of his length.. i think of Plaxico is extra useful.. yet in FF.. i think of Colston will produce extra factors.. and each little thing else looks notably good.. i like Aaron Rodgers as between the steals.. he's calling good this twelve months.. i think of he will take place of Favre notably lots.. he will suprise alot of human beings this twelve months.. and that i like the J. Lewis write up.. i had the comparable prediction.. the only this is that im in a PPG league.. and that i the only element that Lewis would be catching.. is wind.. whilst the ball fly's by potential of him and B. Edwards catches it.. haha

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    tuff call if bush plays go with him and jacobs

    if not id go with jacobs and johnson even with tuff D

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