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Where (casino, sportsbook, sportsbar, etc.) in Vegas can I watch the Pacquiao vs. Cotto fight?

I'll be in Vegas that weekend with some friends. They all can't afford tickets to the fight so I'm thinking of going somewhere where we can all eat, drink and watch the fight. It's a PPV fight so I know the possibilities are slim to none...but maybe you know something I don't! Your answers are greatly appreciated! ;-D

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    I dint know of an exact place that will be showing the fight but my advise would be to ask the front desk at your hotel they'll let you know where you can watch it but also don't be taken off guardif your asked to pay a steep cover charge I was there a few months ago and there was a UFC fight going on and some place was charge $25 a person for a cover charge. I would expect it to be the same for Cotto- Pacqyiao. It's gonna be the fight of the yr.

    As far as tickets goes I don't think anything but $ 1,000 tickets are left I bought mine during pre sale and was only able to buy the $300 price range buy the offical day of sale there was only $750 and $1000

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    attempt utilising the loose application reported as SopCast then track in at around the time of the combat then seek for channels with the identify of Pacquiao vs Cotto. the only ingredient you would be wanting is a quickly internet connection and a few endurance. stable success and want Pacman the final of success!

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    Sorry to burst your bubble but that fight is scheduled for Nov 14.

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    Hooters in the Ct area. or the 2 biggest casinos will show it. Mohegan and Foxwoods.

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    screw those poor people and go to it yourself. but ya the fact that its ppv actually makes it more likely for a bar to show it cuz people will go there and spend money on drinks ect

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