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How likely will a loan Modification be approved by Indy-Mac.?

We applied for one but our sell date is the 25th of this month is there a chance of it happening?

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    I'm sure that is is possible but unlickly unless your bank makes a descion very soon. If they are aware of the sale date and feel they would benifit more from the sale of your home than your pretty much dead inthe water. If your bank feels they will benifit more from a loan modification, than there is a chance they will speed up the procoss for you. I don't know what you are currently doing, but I suggest you get in youch w/ your bank...

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    If you meant "Sheriff's Sale Date" than you still have a chance to save your home. If you are making money now and can handle a modified payment, they will work with you. However, you need to get moving NOW!

    1st step is to call Indy Mac and tell them you need to be put in front of the rest as a Sheriffs Sale is quickly approaching.

    I would strongly suggest you buy a book or Do-It-Your Self Kit to get the info you need to do it right. is my Loan Mod Blog that you may find of help.

    Good Luck.

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    If you are selling, why would you want a loan modification ? You are almost finished with the mortgage.

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    Don't answer any of those with links. Such scam stuff on this site. Keep talking with your lender, call them everyday. They would call you that often. Be nice, don't lose your cool.

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