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Where did the Pirates Vs. Ninjas Debate start?

I am curious as to where the Pirates VS. Ninjas debate got started. Is there another name for this too? I just curious.

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    This has been lost in the bowels of the Internets, there were two video games that had this pirate verse ninja feature. I seriously doubt very many people remembered these two games.

    1989 – Atari releases Skull & Crossbones, an arcade game which was later ported to home computers. The game allowed the players to play as pirates who would fight against ninjas.

    1998 – Acquire releases Tenchu: Stealth Assassins, a Playstation game, which featured a level where the player must free a Japanese village from European pirates.

    But these games were probable the references to PVP's online comic that started the pirate vs. ninja thing with a short story line.

    However PVP used that joke again in a LARP story line with the comment "Pirates and ninjas are natural enemies."

    This was done long before the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie was even made. And it's been going on ever since.

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