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What has the United Nations Security Council been doing over the past 5 years?

I'm doing a model UNSC for my Global Politics class in college and my first paper is all about the UNSC (how does it work, what is it, what does it do, etc.) I haven't had a problem with most of it, but when I came to the part where I have to give a summary of what types of things the UNSC has been involved in for the past 5 years (what have they actually done, what have they tried to do, etc.), I have fallen flat on my face. The best sources I can find are newspaper articles, but even they are sparse, hard to assemble into a coherent body, a pain in the *** to cite in Chicago/APA style, and they have so much specific information and very little broad information. If somebody could help me find some reputable sources that summarize UN activities, it would be a life saver. The UNSC website is so difficult to navigate and I really don't want to have to read thousands of pages of UNSC reports and resolutions to write a little 10 page paper. Thanks!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    In the last 20 years, the U.N. Security Council has voted sanctions against a number of countries, such as South Africa, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Libya, and Haiti. The sanctions cover a range of activities: a suspension of air service, a cutoff of trade, an embargo on the supply of oil, a freeze of assets in other countries, and an embargo on the supply of arms. The South Korean Government advocates that any sanctions begin with modest measures. The step-by-step approach of the Clinton Administration probably would correspond with the South Korean view.]

    Security Council sanctions, whether limited or comprehensive, are usually viewed as requiring a long period of time before they may change a country's position on an issue. Imposition of sanctions may actually drive an errant country to become more self-sufficient. U.N. member nations are required, by article 25 of the U.N. Charter, to implement Council sanctions, imposed under Chapter VII of the Charter, and the Council normally creates a committee of the whole to monitor implementation of the sanctions resolution. Member nations are normally requested to report to the Council on the actions being taken to implement the sanctions. Sanctions, however, are very likely to be loosely applied, especially if neighboring countries have traditional cross border relations. See CRS Report 93-964F, Serbia and Montenegro: U.S. Economic Sanctions, for a discussion of the effectiveness of U.N. sanctions applied relative to the former Yugoslav republics.

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  • tooze
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    4 years ago

    UN solves the subjects of each and every of the international n standard assembly is the committee of its member international locations while secure practices council includes in basic terms 5 contributors who've the best of veto

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  • Tom
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    1 decade ago

    Something I would encourage you to read is resolution 1540 ( and don't worry... it's only 4 pages. It created a body that basically monitors weapons of mass destruction and their illicit transport ( This has been one of the most drastic actions they've taken in recent years.

    In 2005, the Security Council passed resolution 1645 that created a peacebuiling committee ( This committee, obviously, seeks peace in international and national issues.

    Hope this helps. If you would like more help click on my face and email me :-)

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  • 1 decade ago

    'perfecting' Saddam's Scud Missile (Channel 5, 9 Sept.)

    Tom - your 'freedom of information' doesn't work in our time zone.

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