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Atheists, do you understand why God must allow birth defects to exist?

God made the world without anything bad be WE messed it up and God cannot mess with free will.


God DID create the world perfect. He DID make perfect DNA, but when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, God had no choice but to allow there to be consequences. God is love but he is also justice.

Plus, isn't it kind of a cheap shot to attack God for allowing birth defects? Isn't this exploiting a terrible thing in order to win an argument? Isn't that tacky?

Update 2:

Edit: I am NO POE. God made the world PERFECT. He DID create perfect DNA.

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    No LOVING God would allow innocent babies (and yes, babies ARE innocent... Adam and Eve regardless) be born into the world deformed and suffering. Its a CRUEL god who would punish a baby for the sins of a couple he kept in ignorance thousands of years ago.

    So, God is either fake or cruel.

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    Because that is the curse of sin on the world, and Satan has a lease on the planet that hasn't run out yet. All Christians are not subject to the curse, and through faith in God and His word we can be healed and delivered. Satan is behind all birth defects, and Jesus has provided healing for all the children of God. Romans 10:8-10 is how to become a child of God.

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    Your excuse makes no logical sense whatsoever.

    Can you support you assertions with facts?

    Why must God allow that?

    How did "we" mess up?

    What part did I personally play in creating birth defects?

    I will not share your guilt delusion anymore than I will share your god delusion.

    Are you actually blaming the mother's and fathers of these babies because your god cannot take the heat for his own creation?

    A cheap shot at god for calling him out? Then what the heck do you call torturing babies over a piece of fruit?

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    If the world and all of God's creations were perfect, then Adam and Eve were perfect. If they were perfect how could anything they did be a sin?

    Meanwhile back in the real world, we evolved from apes. There was no Adam and Eve, we gained our knowledge and ability to reason over time and made no active decision to evolve this way. So the entire argument of original sin is so much hogwash.

    Cheap shot or not, it is up to the believers to give rational explanations for the absurdities in their belief systems.

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    Atheists would never use God in their arguments, or they wouldn't be Atheists. And they most certainly wouldn't 'understand why God must allow birth defects to exist' because the don't believe in Him, so why would they ever and why would they need to understand it? There's no such thing as perfect DNA or everyone would be the same, and that would be a little bit fascist.

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    In your reality, God may not be allowed to "mess with free will" but it was this same God who chose to create a world with the ability for it to go bad. He could have created a world in which free will existed but where no choices could possibly lead to anything horrid.

    In your story, God created ALL, therefore God created the Devil, and God created evil, and God created imperfection. Had the devil and Adam and Eve been PERFECT, they would not have possessed an ability to made bad choices, to fail...

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    So because two people made a mistake (a mistake "god" allowed to happen, and knew would happen) the world must suffer, and innocent babies must be born deformed, die early and painfully, or miscarry for no reason? No, I don't understand why any supposed "loving" god would allow that. Taking justice out on the innocents who have nothing to do with the original transgrassion is EVIL. It is cruel. There is no sense in it. If such a god existed, he does not deserve worship. He deserve scorn.

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    No, it's exploiting a terrible thing to point out a contradiction.

    Really, a 'loving' deity is going to punish me while I live for something some ancestor I have NOTHING to prove even existed...I get to suffer this life for that?

    THEN, after I die, I suffer eternally for something that must not be very important (seeing as how this deity doesn't bother to prove anything. AND if there was one that was all-powerful, he would know what would convince me...not some vague reason like a fellow human saying 'look at your reflection in the mirror')

    Please, if my parents threatened me a lifetime of suffering for eating some kind of special treat they were saving, they could be arrested for child abuse...but you WORSHIP that monster instead. Are you a masochist or what?

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    So justice is punishing billions of people for one *****'s mistake of eating the wrong apple (which this god put there in the first place)? And then unless they commit their entire lives to apologizing, they suffer for an infinite amount of time (all eternity of pain torment and burning) for minor mistakes made in life (or mistakes of a woman who we don't even know)??

    Doesn't sound very just to me.

    Birth defects are a product of genetic mutation, we know this. You just have poor explanations using your god. Furthermore, DNA is not ever 'perfect', that defies the definition, it is continually changing and evolving. Thats the whole point of genetic information being in our cells and the reason we are alive today. All things degrade and breakdown. Don't invoke biology when you understand nothing about it.

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    YOu have anthropomorphised god. You have made him think and act like a human. If he is a god then he would act in a manner, to paraphrase Carl Sagan, more differently than you can imagine. YOu are thinking like yourself, but then you might think you are god. Please explain, and give scientific text to back it up, how Adam and Eve caused a problem in DNA. Not your opinion, but facts.

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    oh... and you know... you must be special..... wow.... am I ever honored....

    right..... okay, so your off your meds today eh? birth defects have many reasons.... fetal alcohol syndrome is no god created problem... as well, some people with certain blood types shouldnt pro-create because of the possibility..genetic testing is important before deciding to have a baby. then there is certain over the counter drugs.... and maybe just a bad egg or sperm.... anyways...... so someone was accusing god... well if god is almighty why cant he stop this from happening?

    whats your problem anyway?

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