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What's your opinion on wolves?

I think they're AWESOME!! Wolve's are amazing creatures! I love wolves! 8D

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    I love wolves, they're one of my favourite animals (bet you'd never have guessed from my username and avatar!). They are beautiful, fascinating animals that, like so many other creatures, have been unfairly demonised - children grow up hearing stories about 'the big bad wolf', and many people continue to believe them to be vicious and dangerous all their lives. This negative image of the wolf could hardly be further from the truth. There is no record of a healthy wolf ever attacking a human - all reports of 'wolf attacks', when investigated, have proved to be attacks by feral dogs, wolf-dog hybrids, or rabid wolves. Wolves mate for life and are devoted to their families, working as a team to take on prey that can weigh ten times what a single wolf does, with the whole pack helping to raise the young and defend the territory. They feed and protect sick, injured or elderly pack members, and are known to mourn when a member of the pack dies. It's high time films and fairy-tales stopped portraying them as bloodthirsty villains - in this day and age, when so many species are teetering on the brink of extinction, it's vital that children learn the importance of all animals to the ecosystem, and to respect and protect them.

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    I personally admire and respect wolves. I am glad that the government is making an attempt at saving these intelligent animals.

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    They are beautiful but potentially dangerous. I do feel that they represent a wildness that is rare in this overpopulated country. However their populations are very healthy and need to be controlled by the individual states, so that they do not overpopulate themselves.

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