Christians, can someone provide a complete list of all the people King James used to translate KJV?


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    here you go:



    I. The First Westminister Company--translated the historical books, beginning with Genesis and ending with the Second Book of Kings.

    Dr. Lancelot Andrews

    Dr. John Overall

    Dr. Hadrian Saravia

    Dr. Richard Clarke, Dr. John Laifield, Dr. Robert Tighe, Francis Burleigh, Geoffry King, Richard Thompson

    Dr. William Bedwell

    II. The Cambridge Company--translated Chronicles to the end of the Song of Songs.

    Edward Lively, Dr. John Richardson, Dr. Lawrence Chaderton

    Francis Dillingham, Dr. Roger Andrews, Thomas Harrison, Dr. Robert Spaulding, Dr. Andrew Bing

    III. The Oxford Company--translated beginning of Isaiah to the end of the Old Testament.

    Dr. John Harding, Dr. John Reynolds

    Dr. Thomas Holland, Dr. Richard Kilby

    Dr. Miles Smith, Dr. Richard Brett, Daniel Fairclough

    IV. The Second Oxford Company--translated the four Gospels, the Acts of the Apostles, and the Revelation of St. John the Divine.

    Dr. Thomas Ravis, Dr. George Abbot

    Dr. Richard Eedes, Dr. Giles Tomson, Sir Henry Savile

    Dr. John Peryn, Dr. Ralph Ravens, Dr. John Harmar

    V. The Fifth Company of Translators at Westminster--translated all of the Epistles of the New Testament

    Dr. William Barlow, Dr. John Spencer, Dr. Roger Fenton, Dr. Ralph Hutchinson, William Dakins, Michael Rabbet, [Thomas(?)] Sanderson

    VI. The Sixth Company of Translators at Cambridge translated the apocryphal books.

    Dr. John Duport, Dr. William Brainthwaite, Dr. Jeremiah Radcliffe

    Dr. Samuel Ward

    Dr. Andrew Downes, John Bois

    Dr. John Ward, Dr. John Aglionby, Dr. Leonard Hutten

    Dr. Thomas Bilson, Dr. Richard Bancroft

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    Abbot, George

    Andrewes, Lancelot

    Bancroft, Richard

    Barlow, William

    Bilson, Thomas

    Boys, John

    Chaderton, Lawrence

    Clarke, Richard

    Dillingham, Francis

    Eedes, Richard

    Featley, Daniel

    Fenton, Roger

    Holland, Thomas

    Kilby, Richard

    Laifield, John

    Lake, Arthur

    Lively, Edward

    It is commonly reported that there were 54 translators selected to the translation but only 47 actually participated in the work.

    The King James Bible translators were a collection of some of the world's best scholars.

    They approached this translation with the mindset that they were translating the very word of God, not just some book. The King James Bible has been called "the monument of English prose" as well as "the only great work of art ever created by a committee".

    for more see:

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    You've got the list from Ishtar and Deadeye so I will just add a bit about the manuscripts from which those Christians worked. (This is called 'going the extra mile'...)

    Before the Reformation, the Western Church used the Vulgate translation, which was in Latin. It was a closed book to most of the populace. An 'infallible' test for revealing a heretic in the Middle Ages to Catholic authorities was to see if they possessed, or even knew any part of the Bible in their own language. The Reformation changed all that.

    Gutenberg's first printing job was the Bible, in 1453. It had been translated from the original Hebrew,. Greek and Aramaic - not the Latin - and was known as the majority or traditional text. Erasmus published the first printed Greek New Testament in 1516, then came the Tyndale/Coverdale Bibles in 1525; the Geneva Bible in 1560; the Bishops' Bible in 1568 and then the King James (Authorised Version) in 1611, commissioned by King James I of England & VI of Scotland. (He was enthroned in 1603.)

    The KJV had been translated from the Hebrew Masoretic Text and the Greek Received Text. That is its pedigree. Most modern translations come from the Alexandrian pedigree and have 200 omissions from the Textus Receptus. Apparently Origen 'corrected' numerous portions of old manuscripts of the Alexandrian pedigree to make them agree more with his philosophical and mystical ideas. That is why it is worth comparing modern translations with the KJV and noting those differences.

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    I think this is correct:

    Richard Bancroft (Editor in chief, or whatever the title was then)

    Miles Smith, Thomas Bilson, Final editors

    Cambridge, Oxford and Westminster all provided a translation team.

    These included men like Samuel Ward, William Bedwell, John Harmar, John Bois (Boys), Puritan John Reynalds, Henry Savile, and Lancelot Andrewes.

    Men behind the King James (G. S. Paine). If you are a student of biblical and church history (including current) then you are aware that there are a lot of axes to grind on the this subject. So remember to double check the data and separate the speculation and opinion from the facts. You should be able to google the short list here and get some good leads. Read broadly for balance.

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    * First Westminster Company, translating from Genesis to 2 Kings:

    Lancelot Andrewes, John Overall, Hadrian à Saravia, Richard Clarke, John Layfield, Robert Tighe, Francis Burleigh, Geoffrey King, Richard Thomson, William Bedwell;

    * First Cambridge Company, translated from 1 Chronicles to the Song of Solomon:

    Edward Lively, John Richardson, Lawrence Chaderton, Francis Dillingham, Roger Andrewes, Thomas Harrison, Robert Spaulding, Andrew Bing;

    * First Oxford Company, translated from Isaiah to Malachi:

    John Harding, John Rainolds (or Reynolds), Thomas Holland, Richard Kilby, Miles Smith, Richard Brett, Daniel Fairclough, William Thorne;[38]

    * Second Oxford Company, translated the Gospels, Acts of the Apostles, and the Book of Revelation:

    Thomas Ravis, George Abbot, Richard Eedes, Giles Tomson, Sir Henry Savile, John Peryn, Ralph Ravens, John Harmar, John Aglionby, Leonard Hutten;

    * Second Westminster Company, translated the Epistles:

    William Barlow, John Spenser, Roger Fenton, Ralph Hutchinson, William Dakins, Michael Rabbet, Thomas Sanderson;

    * Second Cambridge Company, translated the Apocrypha:

    John Duport, William Branthwaite, Jeremiah Radcliffe, Samuel Ward, Andrew Downes, John Bois, Robert Ward, Thomas Bilson, Richard Bancroft.

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    The translation was by 47 scholars, all of whom were members of the Church of England. In common with most other translations of the period, the New Testament was translated from the Textus Receptus (Received Text) series of the Greek texts. The Old Testament was translated from the Masoretic Hebrew text, while the Apocrypha were translated from the Greek Septuagint (LXX), except for 2 Esdras, which was translated from the Latin Vulgate.

    (No names were given, just this brief information.....sorry:-)

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    @"Christians, can someone provide a complete list of all the people King James used to translate KJV?"

    They were ONLY his scribes.

    Most of them PAGAN, sneaking in 'Easter.'

    Don't the word look 'OUT -OF-PLACE in that scripture? That Word is 'TOO NEW' for that era....they were really celebrating 'Estar' the Pagan Queen.

    [That was an Original Jewish Passover Instead ].

    Acts 12:4.

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    King Coil

    Burger King (the founder)


    Stephen King?

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