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Any good books about WWII or the holocaust?

Anybody know any good ones?

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    The diary of anne frank

    Destined to live-ruth gruener

    The Devil's Arithmetic by Jane Yolen

    Briar Rose by Jane Yolen

    Number the Stars by Lois Lowry

    The Upstairs Room by Johanna Reiss

    The Journey Back by Johanna Reiss

    Anne Frank and Me by Cherie Bennett

    Devil in Vienna by Doris Orgel

    Torn Thread by Anne Isaacs

    Two Suns in the Sky by Miriam Bat-Ami

    The Cage by Ruth Minsky Sender

    A Jump for Life: A Survivor's Journal from Nazi-occupied Poland by Ruth Altbeker Cyprys

    The Holocaust: A History of the Jews of Europe During the Second World War by Sir Martin Gilbert

    The Righteous: The Unsung Heroes of the Holocaust by Sir Martin Gilbert

    Five Chimneys: The Story of Auschwitz by Olga Lengyel

    Darkness over Denmark: The Danish Resistance and the Rescue of the Jews by Ellen Levine

    Survival In Auschwitz by Primo Levi

    Eyewitness Auschwitz: Three Years in the Gas Chambers by Filip Muller

    Auschwitz: A Doctor's Eyewitness Account by Dr. Miklos Nyiszli

    Children of the Flames: Dr. Josef Mengele and the Untold Story of the Twins of Auschwitz by Lucette Matalon Lagnado

    Death Dealer: The Memoirs of the SS Kommandant at Auschwitz by Rudolf Höss

    I Have Lived A Thousand Years: Growing Up In The Holocaust by Livia Bitton-Jackson

    Night by Elie Wiesel

    The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

    Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl

    Maus : A Survivor's Tale by Art Spiegelman

    The Bielski Brothers: The True Story of Three Men Who Defied the Nazis, Built a Village in the Forest, and Saved 1,200 Jews by Peter Duffy

    Resistance: The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising by Israel Gutman

    Sala's Gift: My Mother's Holocaust Story by Ann Kirschner

    All But My Life by Gerda Weissmann Klein

    Rena's Promise by Rena Kornreich Gelissen

    The Kingdom of Auschwitz: 1940-1945 by Otto Friedrich

    No Pretty Pictures: A Child of War by Anita Lobel

    The Pianist: The Extraordinary True Story of One Man's Survival in Warsaw, 1939-1945 by Wladyslaw Szpilman

    Suite Française by Irene Nemirovsky

    This Has Happened: An Italian Family in Auschwitz by Piera Sonnino

    Smoke over Birkenau by Liana Millu

    The Vanished City: Everyday Life in the Warsaw Ghetto by Michel Mazor

    Thanks to My Mother by Schoschana Rabinovici

    Source(s): These arnt even half of the holocaust books ive read.
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    I haI do not think in this matter there is such a thing as books for teenagers. Obviously there is the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, there are several books by Cornelius Ryan, There are several books simply titled the Holocaust. There is a book called I Cannot Forgive. Read the Belinski Brothers Book. A fictional book but which is also accurate is Mila 18 by Leon Uris and the Wall by John Hersey. IN addition read Schindler's list which is accurate about the Holocaust. I have not seen the movie the REader but I suspect the book on which the movie is based may be worth reading.

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    A Bridge Too Far - Cornelius Ryan

    To Lose a Battle - Alistair Horne

    Barbarossa - Alan Clark

    Stalingrad - Anthony Beevor

    Scorched Earth - Paul Carell

    Lost Battles - Erich von Manstein

    Bomber Command - Max Hastings

    The Normandy Campaign - Max Hastings

    Brute Force - John Ellis

    Adolf Hitler,My Part in His Downfall - Spike Milligan

    Holocaust Books:

    Schindler's Ark - Thomas Keneally

    Lambs to the Slaughter - Raoul Hillenberg

    Anything by Eli Wiesel, especially 'Night'

    Anything by Geta Sereny

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    The Diary of Anne Frank

    Schindler's List (Schindler's Ark)

    The Boy in the Stripped Pyjamas

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    So many good ones out there.

    The Diary of Anne Frank is one not to be forgotten

    The survivor in us all - Erna. F. Rubenstein

    Schindlers List

    The Diary of Helene Berr

    What we knew - Eric A. Johnson (GREAT book, probably one of the best on this list)

    There are some really great books written about the Holocaust and World War Two:) Hope this helps.

    Source(s): Read them all?
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    Lots. More than you could shake a stick at. Barnes & Noble usuallly has a selection. There is a Jewish Encylopedia ( not sure of exact name) which is outstanding on the Holocaust and all other topics. There is currently a book called 1945 which is about Germany in that year. There are probably at least half a dozen books on the holocaust in B&N at any one time plus many more books on WW2. There are also magazines devoted to WW2 history.

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    "Eyewitness Auschwitz: Three Years in the Gas Chambers" - Filip Muller. Very insightful about the role of the Sonderkommando prisoners who actually ran the gas chambers and crematoria.

    Laurence Rees has 2 excellent books:

    Auschwitz: The Nazis and the Final Solution - gives a history of the camp from the time it was a prisoner of war camp

    The Nazis - A Warning from History

    "I escaped from Auschwitz" by Rudolf Vrba. He was the first escapee to give detailed eyewitness accounts of what was really going on at Auschwitz and the truth about the actual "resettlements" to the east.

    "The Origins of Nazi Genocide: From Euthanasia to the Final Solution" - Henry Friedlander - details the progression from the involuntary euthanasia program of disabled people to the extermination of the Jews and other "enemies"

    "The Third Reich in Power" - Richard J. Evans - haven't read this yet

    "Nazi Germany and the Jews 1939-1945: The Years of Extermination" - Saul Friedlander - haven't read this yet

    Source(s): My bookshelf
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    Schindler's List in an excellent read. It is about how Oskar Schindler came to save more than one thousand Polish Jews during the Holocaust.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Catch 22 by Joseph Heller

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    I am an expert on this subject. There are too many books.

    Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors

    Band of Brothers


    Hilter's Willing Executioners

    Surviving the Sword

    Diary of Anne Frank

    Battle of Stalingard

    and countless others

    Source(s): My WWII expertise.
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