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which one is correct.

I want to know, below have two sentence which one is correct

The book wrote by Joy Cowley

Joy Cowley wrote the book.

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    I think, the first one should be "The book is written by Joy Cowley."

    And the second one, if we use simple past, there should be a specific time, i don't know if there is a specific time.

    If so, it should be "Joy Cowley wrote the book in 1900." If not, it should be"Joy Cowley has written a book."

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    I would like to know if the two sentences below are correct. <==


    I am not going to answer your question because 002's answers have covered everything.

    Good job, pal!

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    This book is written by Joy Cowley / The book written by Joy Cowley) ( passive vioce,被動語態 )

    呢個情況 the book系主語


    Joy Cowley wrote this book (主動語態)

    呢個情況 Joy Cowley系主語


    e.g 這本書是Joy Cowley寫的(被動):

    This book is written by Joy Cowley.

    Joy Cowley寫了這本書(主動):

    Joy Cowley wrote this book


    (如果你系講Joy Cowley呢個人,建議你用Joy Cowley wrote this book. 如果你系介紹本書, 就建議你用 this book is written by Jot Cowley)


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