Which are the best acting schools/studios in New York City?

I am a brazilian actor and would pretty much like to study in New York. I have been searching for the top acting schools in the city and came with these:

- Tisch School of the Arts, NYU

- Stella Adler Studio of Acting

- Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute

- American Academy of Dramatic Arts

- New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts

- Pace University The Actors' Studio MFA

- New York Film Academy

Is this correct? Anyone would recommend other schools? Anyone disagrees about any of the above listed schools?

Thank you very much.

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    Somos dois entao que estamos nessa luta. Estou procurando escolas nos EUA.

    Estive na Guildhall, UK, esse verao fazendo um summer course e foi simplesmente inacreditavel. Muito bom. Mas enfim, isso 'e inglaterra e os precos sao exorbitantes.

    Nao consegui chegar a escolas diferentes que as suas. Ouvi aqui na net que a Strasberg nao era tao boa quanto parece mas esse boato parece fragil ja que um dos estudios da NYU 'e strasberg. Mesmo assim estou com o pe atras. As escolas que eu achei para os EUA foram:

    Juilliard... (. Um programa mundialmente reconhecido! os caras na inglaterra so conhecem ela...hehehe..ingleses!!!)


    Stella Adler


    NYCDA e NYFA (mais pra filme....nao sei se o estudo sobre atuacao 'e legal)

    Michael Howard Studio (os professores sao excelentes, 'e um estudio privado mas tem uma boa equipe...alem do mais, tem a patsy la dando workshops..tive a oportunidade de ter workshops com ela na guildhall, absolutamente fantastico).

    No mais, 'e isso..vamos trocar umas ideias: fredrv1983@gmail.com

    nao esta pensando em fazer algo no brasil tb nao ? EAD, martins pena ??



    Hey bro, so we are two that are struggling to find acting schools in the US.

    I've been to the Guildhall (London - UK) doing a summer course and i have to say: amazing. I would do it but is too expensive. This is England =(

    I couldn't find any schools different than yours..I read in some website on the internet that Strasberg is not so good but this doesn't seem to make sense: after all, the lee strasberg studio is one of the studios of the NYU program so must be good. Nevertheless, i'm a little bit cautious about that. The schools that i found in the USA were:

    - Juilliard (World-known..the actors in the uk only know juilliard...brits!!)


    Stella Adler


    NYCDA e NYFA ( more for movies you know ? i dont know about acting)

    Michael Howard Studio (the faculty is amazing. It is a private studio but has a good team and besides, they have got PATSY giving workshops there..i had the opportunity to have workshops with her at guildhall: absolutely amazing.

    So, this is it. Lets talk about it: fredrv1983@gmail.com

    You're not thinking about doing something here in the Brazil ? EAD, Martins Pena ?


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    That's a fairly good list. I'm surprised you don't have AMDA (American Music and Dramatic Academy) on it--though I don't really recommend it unless you're filthy rich or have difficulties with the other schools.

    What you need to do now is decide what you want in a program. You need to choose if you want to study theatre or film, how many years you want to be in school for, what degree you want, etc. Personally I'd go with a four-year degree program, such as NYU's. If you're cool with studying in New York but not in the city, check out Syracuse as well. Break a leg!

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