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Who would hate a Buddhist?

No seriously, who could possibly have a legitimate reason to hate Buddhism and those that follow it? It's like the only religion out there that has never fought a "Holy" War, nor thought someone was lower than thou for not following their religion, nor well anything negative!

So yea, who could possibly hate a Buddhist and still call themselves humans?


Also! It's one of the only religions to actually be totally open to science. In fact it tends to insist on scientific advancements and support them.

Update 2:

First answer, it wasn't Buddhism, it was called Shintoism. Was a form of Paganism.

Also, even if it was, did Buddhism condone it? No.

So get your damn history straight.

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  • manuel
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    -- "So get your damn history straight."

    That Zen Buddhism played a role in inspiring fanaticism prior to World War II is hard to deny, I'm afraid.

    "But Zen has had strong ties to militarism — indeed so strong, that the leaders of one of the largest denominations in Japan have remorsefully compared their former religious fanaticism during Japan's brutal expansionism in the 1930's and 40's to today's murderously militant Islamists."

    With regard to Sri Lanka:

    "Sri Lanka’s Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) party is comprised entirely of Buddhist monks from the dominant Sinhalese ethnic group, and its seven members of parliament advocate a militant, ethnonationalist agenda. The party’s leader, Athuraliye Rathana, has been nicknamed the “war monk” for his staunch advocacy of military force against the Tamil Tiger rebels who have fought a 25-year insurgency against the state."

    I don't hate Buddhists. My wife is a Buddhist. But no religion is perfect.

  • albina
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    3 years ago

    Buddhists did no longer circulate around shoving bibles or qu'rans in human beings's palms with gunsswords at their heads. Buddhists did no longer forcably convert everyone. Buddhism is an exceedingly non violent, tolerant faith, which some deliberate to be greater like a philosophyteaching, then a doctrine that one HAS to abide via. Out of all of the religions, Buddhism is unquestionably the only to circulate, if one feels you will desire to stick to a pair style of prepared faith-team. in my opinion, i think of which you will desire to take some college philosophy instructions, do alot of thinking, save an open strategies, do alot of interpreting on diverse ideals, and style your guy or woman ideals rather stick to anothers'.

  • Anonymous
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    Don't be blind, Buddhism has had it's fair share of controversy even cults. They're still human and face it, we all mess up sometimes. I'm not saying that's any reason someone should hate the religion, I'm just saying it's not perfect. I wouldn't say they're better than other religions either, it's just the one that suits me best and has helped me overcome.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    There was a form of Buddhism in japan that gave rise during the second world war who accepted both the teachings of buddha and the belief that the emperor of japan was holy, they justified mass murder.

    Any belief system can be twisted.

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    well the Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora set off the longest civil war yet.

    Buddhist majority against Hindu minority with atrocities on both sides.

  • Anonymous
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    The Tamils of Sri Lanka sure have reasons, being an oppressed minority by the Buddhist government of that nation.


    Buddhism is not the state religion of Sri Lanka. But I do agree the buddhists there were opposing the Tamils.


    Just what religion do you think the Japanese were observing as they invaded China and later bombed Pearl Harbor? Buddhist!

    --quote ---

    The state religion then were Shintoism and the emperor of Japan was viewed as an arahitogami, an incarnate divinity and the offspring of goddess Amaterasu. He was the one that order the attack.

    So you failed your history, don't need to show it off.

  • RaWen
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    1 decade ago

    Just because someone is a Buddhist, does not mean that they are a good person. Just like only some Christians are actually Christ-like.

  • wilson
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    1 decade ago

    I thought Buddhism was a "non-religion"...

    I don't think people tend to "hate" Buddhists overall, they just tend to laugh at yuppies who claim to be Buddhist because they meditate.

  • 1 decade ago

    The Japanese are Buddhists... should I like them for them saying their emperor Hirohito was god? They lied with impunity.

    And I think they are far from confessing.

    But I just let their exports of technology and anime do the talking. It's nice how they have an affinity for pocket monsters.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Fredists. Fred was Buddha's evil twin, and his worshipers hate his brother. Freds teachings are the opposite of Buddha's he is kind of like Bizzaro is to Superman

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