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Whole milk before 12 months old?

Yes, I know that most people say that giving whole milk to your baby before he is 12 months isn't healthy! One of my friends started giving both of her child whole milk at nine months. My little boy is about to turn nine months in a little over a week! I would really like to start mixing 1 ounce of whole milk with five ounces of formula. Then have him switched fully over to whole milk at 12 months. He is taking enfamli formula and hes doesn't have any probably taking any kind of food. He has had yogurt melts and popcorn cheese puff...Please help me out!


btw, its not because my friend started her children on whole milk. i was wanting to see what other mothers was thinking! I'm not really in a hurry to change his milk! I really hadn't put much thought into it until about week ago! I'm just wondering if anyone else has...I know what the doctor's say and so on. I don't need to know that. I need to know if any has tried it and if its worked or not worked! Thanks!

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    Are you looking to switch your baby over because your friend did it? That's how it sounds. I'm not sure why you would be in such a hurry.

    Maybe this will help...

    Cow Milk does not contain enough nutrients, vitamins or minerals to adequately and properly sustain an infant's growth. Babies should receive breast milk and/or formula as their main source of "drink" until they are 12 months of age.

    “Infants fed whole cow's milk receive inadequate amounts of Vitamin E, iron, essential fatty acids, and excessive amounts of protein, sodium, and potassium. These levels may be too high for the infant's system to handle."

    Indeed, prior to the age of 1 year old, consumption of a lot of dairy products may put baby at risk for iron deficient anemia. Milk impedes the proper absorption of iron and iron is one thing that an infant can not afford to have cut down or cut out of the diet. Additionally, whole cow's milk protein and fat are more difficult for an infant to digest and absorb.

    "The most dramatic effects are on iron levels in the body.Recent studies show infants often have depleted levels when started on cow's milk at six months of age." MerckSource Dairy Facts - Infants

    Source(s): wholesomebabyfood.com
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    As some of the other ladies are saying, the "no milk until 12 months" is an estimate as to when your child will most likely be ready. If your son is only 3 weeks from turning one, then you're perfectly fine to be giving him whole milk. With my first and second daughters, I didn't give whole milk until instructed by my doctor(as I was a new, young mom and didn't know otherwise.) With my youngest daughter, she was having whole milk by probably 11 months.

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    Well I give my son whole milk as a drink and he is 10 months old. But he is still on formula Enfamil Premium until he turns one. I just tried the whole milk to see if he would take it and to quiet him.

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    I began giving my son milk at about that age. I didn't mix it with the formula, I just gave it to him in a sippy cup. His bottles have been strictly formula. He chugs the milk down. He's almost a year now...and I've decided to quit the formula all together after he finishes this can and stick with milk only.

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    No whole milk until after 1 year. Talk to your pediatrician.

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    I would ask his pediatrician before a group of strangers.

    Just my opinion.

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