Do You Need to Have a Phone Service to Have Dsl Internet?

If I disconnect my Phone service will i still have internet?

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    You need a phone line. Depending on the policies of the service providers in your area, you may or may not be able to buy DSL service without also purchasing the provider's voice service as well.

    The best thing to do is to search for DSL providers in your area and check their websites for information. You can also look at a consumer site such as for evaluations by customers.

    It may be hard to order DSL, whether it is ADSL from the telco, or SDSL, ADSL or IDSL from an ISP, without existing phone service.

    This is because the phone company may be reluctant to deliver a clean copper loop to a premise that they do not have "in their systems" because they are providing phone service already.

    This may vary from region to region depending on the particular local phone company involved.

    Once you GET non-telco DSL, on another line, it may be possible to cancel your local phone service.

    Cancellation will be harder or impossible if you are getting, or have got, DSL over your same phone line (Telco ADSL or line-sharing CLEC ADSL).

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    if your phone is VoIP (vonage or other internet phone provider) or provided by your cable company then if your internet is disconnected then you will not be able to use your phone..

    if you have a regular landline then the internet has no effect on your land line... as long as your bill is paid for...

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    DSL comes in the time of the present analog lines. you will possibly desire to have a everyday telephone type linked with that line to make certain that it to be activated. i could reccomend which you touch your cable television compnay for cable modem provider, or call DrecTV to get television and internet provider in the time of the satellite tv for pc.

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