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EWE: Welcome back 2 tha show, who would win these matches?

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Welcome back 2 Extreme Wrestling Entertainment and this Sunday, EWE will host another great Pay-Per-View. This Pay-Per-View is known only as: FULLY LOADED!

And at Fully Loaded, the EWE World Tag Team, I.C, Undisputed, and World Heavyweight Titles will all be on the line and Fully Loaded is shaping up to be a great Pay-Per-View this Sunday, September 13, 2009!

Now, let's start this show right with our first event of the night, ENJOY THE SHOW!

Event#1: The shows starts with the EWE General Manager, Mick Foley to the ring. Mick Foley says that this Sunday, EWE will host another big Pay-Per-View: EWE Fully Loaded! And he'd like to start by calling out the challenger for the EWE Intercontinental Title, Captain Charisma, Christian! But, Christian doesn't show. Instead, it's one-half of the EWE World Tag Team Champions, Batista. Batista asks Foley: "Mick Foley, I'd like to ask you why in the h*ll you would make a match me vs. Dolph Ziggler and I would have my arm tied behind my back? I am one-half of one of the most successful Factions in Wrestling History, Evolution. I am 6 foot 6, my weight is 290 pounds I can tear you in half and I can tear anybody in that Locker Room in half."

Mick Foley says: "Well Batista, I'm glad you feel that way because I just came up with another brilliant match for you to compete in. You will go 1 on 1 right now, with the former EWE Heavyweight Champion the Big Red Machine, KANE! Good Luck!"

The flames come up and Kane comes down the ramp and Batista is ready for him.

1. No DQ: Batista(c) vs. Kane

Event#2: EWE Interviewer Gregory Helms is backstage interviewing the man who attacked EWE Extreme Champion Rob Van Dam, Umaga. Helms asks Umaga why did he attack RVD last week?

Umaga: "I attacked Rob Van Dam because it was an order from the boss Mick Foley. Foley specifically asked me to put RVD out and to hurt RVD and being the monster that I am, I just couldn't pass up."

Helms: "Well, Umaga you know that this has bought you a ticket to the lion's den and RVD is on the hunt for you."

Umaga: "RVD can run, he can hide, but it is a big mistake to come after me! RVD you are gonna pay and pay you shall......." Before Umaga can finish RVD attacks him with a Steel Chair and a match is made.

2. Backstage KO Brawl: Non-Title!

Rob Van Dam(c) vs. Umaga

(steel chair in hand)

Event#3: Thomas Rule is in the Locker Room of EWE X Division Champion, Homicide. Rule says: "Damn Homicide, did you see us last week? We were all over Dinero and Shelley last week. Let's see if we can make it 2 for 2 tonight when I go up against Alex Shelley, let's go!"

3. X Division Match: Thomas Rule vs. Alex Shelley

Event#4: Billy Gunn once again storms into GM Mick Foley's office and asks to be treated with respect from this company! Foley tells him that he has had enough of "Bada**" Billy Gunn. I'll make this match, but if you lose don't come crying back to me."

4. EXTREME RULEZ: Billy Gunn vs. Randy Orton

(I'll choose the result of this match for storyline purposes)

During this Match: EWE Undisputed Champion, Alex Dman runs into the ring with a Barbed Wire Bat, chasing after Orton. But, Orton runs out of the ring and into the crowd and out of harms way. This Sunday at Fully Loaded Alex Dman will finally get his hands on Orton when he defends the Undisputed Championship against The Legend Killer in a Last Man Standing Match!

Event#5: EWE Interviewer, Kelly Kelly interviews Alex Dman about his attack on Randy Orton just moments ago.

Kelly Kelly: "Alex, just moments ago you attempted the same thing Randy Orton did to you last week in trying to attack The Legend Killer. You failed and Orton got away. But, this Sunday at Fully Loaded you get Orton 1 on 1 in Last Man Standing. How do you feel about that?"

Alex Dman: "This is exactly what I wanted, a chance at breaking Orton like he tried to do to me. And this Sunday, one of us will be broken and I will NOT be broken!"

MAIN EVENT: Monsters Ball Match: Non-Title!

Alex Dman(c) vs. Cody Rhodes

Event#6: EWE World Champion and Chairman of the Company, Joey joins Joey Styles at the Announcers Table as Christian Cage hosts the Peep Show.

Christian Cage comes to the ring and welcomes the fans to The Peep Show. He says that for weeks Chris Jericho has come to the ring and saying how he beat me for the I.C Title at Blood Wars. Well, he better enjoy that while he has the chance because this Sunday the EWE I.C Title is coming back to Captain Charisma!

Then, the Champion Y2J runs to the ring and attempts the Code Breaker, but Christian reverses the move and hits Y2J with the KillSwitch and while Y2J is laying lifeless in the ring, Christian grabs the I.C Title and holds the Belt up high!

Then, Kane comes out of nowhere and attacks Joey from behind. But, Joey has a weapon and hits Kane with the weapon. Kane is busted open and Joey runs back


Joey runs back into the crowd while Kane is busted open!

The show ends with Christian holding the EWE I.C Belt up high and Y2J and Kane laying lifeless.

5 Answers

  • 1 decade ago
    Favorite Answer

    1.kane wins

    2.rvd wins by doing the vandamminater


    4.randy will do an rko

    5.alex yells at kelly then randy comes and attacks him

    6.alex dman

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  • 1. Kane beats Batista with the Chokeslam!

    2. Umaga again brutalizes Rob Van Dam in this ruthless Backstage Brawl Match.

    3. Thomas Rule defeats Alex Shelly in an upsetting victory after a roll up pinfall victory.

    Main Event: Alex Dman wins the match after hitting Cody Rhodes with the Dmanna Caranna for the 1, 2, 3!


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  • 4 years ago

    Tag Team Match: EWE World Tag Team Championships . Edge&Christian match time 20 minutes Non-Title Match: Brock Lesnar vs. Kane Winner Kane match time 15 minutes Tag Team Match: John Morrison and The Miz match time 20:15 Tag Team Match: Evolution match time 23:00 minutes Happy New Year

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  • 1 decade ago

    1st match-batista gives kane a spear,lights go out,undertaker tombstones batista,lights go out,kane pins 1,2, kick out.......

    kane is ready for chokeslam and o,no rey is behind him and kane gets the west cost pop.... ohhhh no as he turns around spear ,spear and theeeeeee batistaaaaaaa bommmmb!!! 1,2,3~~~~batista wins!!!!

    2nd match-rvd has been dominating the match but from the top of 18 wheeler attempt to frog splash and bam misses .umaga hits the oklahoma slam and he`s back is hurting and another samoa or my,,he is out cold!!!!

    3rd match-alex shelly

    4th match-billy gunn

    5th match-legacy interupts and beats the hell outta him and orton punts him out cold!!!

    6th match-lights go out oh no!!!!its the undertaker !! every body is down lights go out!!! undertaker is gone!!!!lightts come on undertaker is high on stage with belt

    ty for watching the ewe

    all we do is for kid

    o hell, bring back pg-14

    Source(s): head
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    rob van damn

    thomas rule cuz im thomas and i ruleeeeeeeeeeeee

    randy orton

    cody rhode

    also dat rivarly between us i was talking about is till could take place and also im a main evnt mataerial make sure u used my power to the fullest

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