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Im looking for a childs song with these words Eat more roast beef for the rumble in your head?

This song was on an old 78 rpm record in the 1970's

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  • 1 decade ago
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    couldn't find all the lyrics, but this page has people remembering some of the lines.

    It's called "Poor Mr. Flibberty-Jib"

    something like:

    Poor Mr. Flibertyjib had a rumble-bumble-bumble in his head.

    "Noise annoys me so,"he said,

    "That everywhere I go" he said,

    It's noisy, it's noisy,

    From the time I wake til I go to bed.

    The street cars clang, the door goes bang, the great big clock goes ding-dong-dang.

    If you want peace and quiet

    You will have to change your diet

    Eat more roast beef

    More roast beef?

    And the beef he ate

    Made him feel so great

    That there's no more rumble bumble in his head!

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  • 6 years ago

    This song is on the flip side of the Golden Record, Peter and the Wolf.

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  • poplar
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    3 years ago

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