What is Norway most known, or most famous for?

I'm doing a research on Norway and can't fugure out what Norway is like most famous for. My project is due tonight and need immediate answers, thanks so much!

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    I would have said the fishing industry and especially Norwegian salmon and cod, is something that Norway is synonymous with in recent history and current day, along with oil and gas industry that are all the staple incomes for the country.

    Vikings of course are something from history that Norway is famous for http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vikings

    Then physically it would have to be the many fjords that are a feature of the landscape. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fjords

    Those would be my four things (fishing, oil & gas industry, vikings & fjords)

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    norway famous

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    Sweden is in fact a member of EU (since 1995).

    Vikings (who discovered America), fish and oil is what it all boils down to, I think. That, and a history of conciliating in various armed conflicts around the world.

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    They're really, really rich. So that's why they didn't want to join the EU.

    Sweden is pretty rich too, that's why they didn't join either.

    Finland is not very rich, so they joined.

    The student grants are astronomical.

    I wish I lived in Norway.

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    All of scandinavia is famous for vikings.

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    hands of their fishermen : )) no kidding, its real and funny. and northern lights

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