MJ FAMILY: who thinks "Stranger in Moscow" is as good as "You are not alone"?

ok so my friend and i are having this argument that You are not alone is better than stranger in Moscow. Please tell me that both those songs are equally good and its just that Stranger in Moscow didn't get the credit it deserved?

lol i was on my way to school and i was listening to "Stranger in Moscow" and i don't know why but it made me think of his kids. like how bad he want to have KIDS OF HIS OWN. and i just feel bad cuz they only got to spend like a few years with him and get to know him as their dad. but at least they have a very Large, loving family to take care of them. and their mom (maybe). at least they haven't lost both their parents and then forced to moved house to house like some people are.

lol of topic there:) but please *star *if you think "Stranger in Moscow" is a great and brilliant song!!

its actually one of my favs:)


i got a few deets on the song

Written and recorded by Michael for his album, HIStory, issued in June 1995.

It was written in a Moscow hotel room in September 1993, soon after the allegations of child molestatoin broke - "a strange, eerie, lonely time" according to Michael. "The lyrics are totally autobiographical," he confirmed. "When you hear lines like 'here abandoned in my fame, Armageddon of the brain' - at the time, on the last tour when we were in Moscow, that's really how I felt... just all alone in my hotel, and it was raining - and I just started writing it."

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    To be honest with you, Stranger in Moscow is one of my least favorite songs from MJ. I prefer You are not Alone, but still, I think that too is overrated. I prefer his earlier songs like Beat it, Billie Jean, Bad, Black or White and Will you be there.

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    Well Stranger In Moscow and You are not alone have two different meanings, so it's kinda hard to say which is better, I love them both, But I think I really love Stranger In Moscow, from the beginning to the end, The song is really beautiful,..You are not alone is also very beautiful, Every since he has been gone, Now, when I listen to it, it sounds like he is speaking to his fans:

    " Just the other night, I thought I heard you cry"

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    You are not alone is a song you like the first time you hear it,it gets your heart and sometimes it hits you where it hurts,I think it's one of the most amazing songs ever written.Stranger in Moscow is a song that grows on you,you don't suddenly love it the first time you hear it and it's not as soul touching,also not everyone can relate to Stranger in Moscow,You are not alone is a song that everyone can relate to in some sort of way,and mostly everyone has an emotional reaction to it.Don't get me wrong,Stranger in Moscow is a good song but in no way can it compare to the awesome greatness of You are not alone.=)

  • I actually like Stranger in Moscow a little better. They are both absolutely amazing songs, but I feel that Stranger in Moscow is just too passionate not to immediately fall in love with the song.

    Both, though, are fantastic.

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    1. In The Back or *It's The Falling In Love?* 2. Another Part Of Me or *You Rock My World?* 3. Beautiful Girl or *Man In The Mirror?* 4. *She's Out of My Life* or Scared of The Moon? 5. One More Chance or *The Way You Love Me*? 6. *I Wanna Be Where You Are* or Rockin Robin? 7. Can't Get Outta The Rain or *Carousel*? 8. *Remember The Time* or Leave Me Alone? 9. *Got To Be There* or Farewell My Summer Love? 10. *Scream* or Say Say Say? Bonus: What is your favorite music video? You Rock My World or Billie Jean? You Rock My World xD

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    Once you mentioned it was off of HIStory, I agree that Stanger In Moscow is just as good as You Are Not Alone.

    In fact all of Michael's songs are good. I have Off the Wall, Thriller, Bad, and Dangerous as well as The Jackson 5 The Ultimate Collection.

    I'm hoping to get the others.

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    They're both really good songs of his and it's hard to choose between them. It's true that Stranger In Moscow didn't get the credit it deserved, not everyone knows about that song but it's really good though.

    It's really really tough but if I HAD to choose then I'd probably choose You Are Not Alone. That's just my opinion but I love both songs loads.

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    i love that song but i think the only reason it isnt as popular as you are not alone is because its a sad song which michael was usually known for his upbeat songs and love ballads. Stranger in moscow is very deep and full of feeling but may be a bit too "depressing" for some. I personally love it.

    edit: can someone tell me why it wasn't released in the U.S.? That puzzles me.

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    Stranger in Moscow is underrated.

    It's very powerful, and very well organized.. It really deserves some more attention. You Are Not Alone is just as equally excellent. Both sad, beautiful songs.

    Those two and Man In The Mirror are the ones that are hardest for me to listen to without crying. :/

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    i think both of them were actually some of his greatest songs!! you are not alone i think sends more of a message that there are always people around you feeling the same way. and stranger in moscow is kind of like an individuality song of his.

    Source(s): oh heres a really good tribute of his-http://video.yahoo.com/network/100063489?v=5854827
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