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!!! How many people actually believe that Masonic organizations are Satanic?

Wow. There's people out there that think that Masonic organizations believe in Lucifer or Satan. This is unbelievable. I am a Rainbow Girl, which is a Masonic organization for girls. My dad is a Mason, and my mom is an Eastern Star. My boyfriend is a Demolay. None of us worship Satan! There's this occult guy named Aleister Crowley that was apparently one of the guys that got Satanism started, and he jumped on all this hype by referring to himself as a high ranking Mason ... HE WASN'T. He was a BSer. Do people still believe that Masonic organizations are Satanic? I don't worship Satan. I'm a Christian - Lutheran to be specific. No, I didn't say Luciferian ... LUTHERAN. LOL It's a Protestant religion. How do people come up with such crazy ideas?

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    Probably about 12 in total, but they are very active/vocal about it.

    you can see that david (aka cj, chris and even "st david") is a typical example, he knows the pike never said what he claims, but he still lies about freemasonry; what kind of christian does that make him? he knows the truth about Jesus, yet spreads lies, anger and hatred in his name... and considers himself a saint on top of it all.

    as you know, freemasonry is not satanic, there is nothing in it at any level that is; if you worship satan/lucifer, etc. you cannot be a freemason

    all of the claims stems from two false statements made over 100 and 700 years ago.

    the first, 700 years ago from King Philip the fair who said the Templars worshiped Baphomet. Pope Clement, who interviewed the Templars, said they did NOT worship anyone called baphomet, they were devout Christians who prayed 7 times a day... (oddly enough this gives rise to another anti-mason claim that freemasons started from islam; and of course there are muslim anti-masons who claim freemasonry is a puppet of the zionist movement - they are all full of hot air)...

    the second, over 100 years ago was from leo taxil who was playing a joke on freemasonry and the Catholic Church, he admitted he was lying, this is where the term luciferian comes from, anyone who uses the word has been duped by some anti-mason propagandist perpetuating this known lie...


    fallen angel, here is the quote, from the 19th Degree of the Scottish Rite Southern Jurisdiction in the USA:

    "Lucifer, the Light-bearer! Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness! Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the Light, and with its splendors intolerable blinds, feeble, sensual, or selfish Souls? Doubt it not!"

    To me, there is no way any rational person could take that to say Pike is saying that Lucifer is God. This is clearly saying that Lucifer uses "light" which is italicized by Pike to suggest [IMHO] he is using it not as True Light but as a false light, one that Satan uses to tempt mankind, to seduce him away from God.

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  • My ex was a mason and my great-grandmother was an Eastern Star and my great grandfather was a mason and from what I understand the times have changed a lot. Some of the strange cult-sounding things that my greats did, don't seem to be done today. I don't have anything solid to tell you though. It's all rumor and hearsay, since I was never present. I would say to really research the roots of it, rather than asking another mason who might steer you wrong if he/she thinks you're freaked out. You could probably find some solid stuff online. I think people's biggest objection is that freemasonry is so secretive and mysterious, which begs the question why? People usually are unaccepting of things they don't have the facts about, and if all they do have are the negative things like what Albert Pike has said...

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    Freemasons built this country on Freedom, unlike the previous world owned by the Christian Clergy, we would not be able to read if the Jesus freaks still ran things. You see someone had to struggle against the tyranny of the mind and soul run by the Catholic Church, and it was the Freemasons, and the church has tried to paint them as satanic because they resist the lies of Christianity, and the Catholics especially. Honestly I think be called a satanist by the kind of people that run the Church is a compliment, It's like Hitler calling Einstein and idiot. Honestly I hope humanity tears down the facade of "Holiness" from sick minded ivory tower servants of Rome, and embraces science and knowledge over fear and perversion of the church. Compare some time the rate of pederasty among the "Holy See" against the Masons and you'll find that not only does Christianity abuse the mind and soul, but also the bodies of innocent children.

    No wonder they demonize the Masons, how else could they keep their sad show on the road?

    Source(s): The Scarlet Book of Freemasonry Thomas Jefferson Common Sense The Dark Ages Galileo
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    Thank you for your explanation. I think a lot of people would be surprised as to how many Masons there really are within each religion. It is not, nor has it ever been, a satanic organization. It's just the nature of people to demonize that which they do not wish to understand and to make up falsities about what these groups practice.

    A dear friend, who is the widow of a 32nd degree Mason, wondered what to do with his bible. She ended up taking to a Masonic temple, they were very happy to get it. I looked through that bible before she took it in, it was a beautifully illustrated KJV.

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    Not this one. Be that as it may non-specific warnings about Bin Laden were legion under both Clinton and Bush. A lack of direct intelligence and a lack of imagination by the intelligence bureaucracy are the primary blame for failing to see and prevent this attack. No one came to either Clinton or Bush and said - this man (Bin Laden) is an immediate threat and is actively executing a plan for a devestating attack on US civilian targets. But using 9/11 as a pretext for the ill conceived Iraq invasion and 8 year debacle is squarely on the shoulders of Bush and Cheney and that is bad enough.

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    I have to disagree with David. No offense, but are you telling me that if a murderer were to ask for salvation, and for one split second believe in Jesus, he would be forgiven? Even if he had pillaged, beaten, and killed dozens of young girls? I don't think so. Maybe if he truly believed in God and asked for true forgiveness for his sins, then he would probably be accepted into heaven. But if he were just using the, "Oh, dear Lord, please forgive me!" as a get-out-of-hell card, no, he would not be accepted. I am Christian, so I believe in Jesus and God, but my step-father is a mason, and I have seen the meetings, and not once did anyone mention anything about Satan or anything that sounded like satanism. How can you know if you have no idea? You may have done several search engines or essays on satanismbeingg connected to masonry, but you need to have actual details, and misguided opinions. Again, I MEAN NO OFFENSE; I am merely stating that masonry is not satanic, and it is not kind to say it is. Masons don't worship anyone. In fact, almost all of the masons at my father's lodge are Christians and believe in Jesus and God, so please don't presume to know for a fact that they are satanic. Did God say masonry is bad and to avoid it? Does it say so in the Bible? If so, please send the verse to me. No, Rainbow Girl, I do not believe that masonry is satanic. Please give me exact referance for the Albert Pike quote where he says that freemasonry is satanic and worships satan. I want the book or paper, exact page, and exact paragraph. I would like to look this up for myself.

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    unfortunately humans are scared of anything they do not understand or don not care to know about - it is very sad on many levels when people are close minded to educating themselves about other things, weather it be cultures, foods, communities, etc.

    but you must understand generally the Christian churches have all preached fire and brimstone to enlightening one self about anything that appears to be taboo (Note I'm Christian). However these Taboos were man made and so were the " Fear" or "skepticism"

    Oh and no I'm not a Mason or Reconstruction - but believe me there teachings are basically for one goal - improvement of oneself and improvement of life and mankind civilization.

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    The "Celestial Lodge" in the Sky can be reached in many ways;

    They do a lot of " Good Works" -----Apostasy :Reach Heaven with Man's works plus Grace; ---It is a dangerous Religion because it shows another Way; The only Way is based upon the Basis of the Blood of Jesus,that is the only Way God will accept;Man by Faith-in God's Word and Drawn by the Holy Spirit;Salvation:

    A Born again Believer has to Lie to join;He has to knock on Door and ask

    if He can come in out of Darkness;


    Yes I Do believe they are One of Satan's Religions;

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    The problem is that many Christians think that anything non-Christian (especially anything Pagan-related) is Satanist by default. This is a common rhetoric Christian leaders use to turn their followers against something or someone.

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    As you know, there was no Lucifer anywhere in Freemasonry.

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