Which of these statements is true ?

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a. individual productivity is necessary for group productivity b. sacrifice isn't necessary to achieve group goals c. waste isn't a problem in reaching group goals d. ...show more
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  • Kate answered 5 years ago
I have to go with A

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  • Justin W answered 5 years ago
    It would help to know what your homework is about. But all of the statements are true. And none of the statements are more true than another.

    A) If the individual does not do their share of the work load, the job won't be finished.

    B) Everyone does an equal amount of work

    C) Physical or perceived waste becomes a factor with the incompetent. Build your group around the weakest link. With that in mind, don't take on a dummy.

    D) It's individual work for a collaborated goal. Everyone does their own individual work and the group job is finished.
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