Cultures & Groups: Do Venezuelans have more in common with the Hispanic Caribbean or Colombia?

From watching Venezuelan TV and listening to some of their music, I can't help but feel that they may be the 5th "Caribbean Latino" country (culturally, not geographically).

I mean, their accent is exactly like ours (except for their dialects of course), they LOVE baseball and they say "carajo" and "cono" alot.

Also they look exactly like caribbean hispanics (like Dominicans or Cubans specifically):

These guys would fit in just fine in my pueblo in DR. And just listen to their music:

Youtube thumbnail

So do they have more in common with Colombia since it's right next to Venezuela? Or do they have more in common with caribbean latinos/panamanians since their country is on the Caribbean coast and alot of aspects of their culture are VERY reminiscent of the hispanic caribbean?

What do you think?


Suga Honey - Shutup, I need an answer from someone who knows about Venezuela. You're just using Wikipedia

Update 2:

Gatito - Alot of them look like Cibaeno Dominicans to me, those guys look like my whole pueblo LOL

And I always thought Cubans looked Dominican, at least the mixed/black ones

And the fourth caribeno is Panama.

Update 3:

Gatito - So it's a perfect blend of Gran Colombian culture and Spanish Antillean culture?

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    What? The only dude who "looks" Cuban or resembles anyone from the Island that I've ever seen (in the first picture) is the guy in the red shirt -- and that's only because he's white. The others have obvious Amerindian admixture, while with Cubans it's almost non-existent.

    What is the fourth Caribeño nation Leonel? Unless you mean Colombia.. which wouldn't make sense because you just compared Colombia against us.

    Actually, also the blonde woman in front, the dude with the black bandana, and the black dude with the red bandana would "fit in" more naturally in Cuba.

    Both Venezuelan and Colombian (specifically on the Caribbean coast) culture pretty much comes from three sources (Spanish, Amerinidian, and African) just like PR culture. The foods they eat, their music, their dances.. many of those are very African in origin.

    Edit: Panamians aren't really "caribeño" most are mestizos and have similar cultural traits as other central americans, but there's also an influx of ANGLO caribbeans in Panama, which influenced the culture.. that's sort of different.

    Edit: yeah basically. See it's pretty difficult to target specific areas of culture in both Venezuela and Colombia.. because it depends on which region.. the Caribbean coast of Colombia is very African influenced, while the Antioqua region is very "pure" European in both culture and ethnicity. The general culture is a blend of all three sources though.

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    They share more in common with colombia...They are more indigenous/european culture unlike the caribbean latinos who are more african culture...

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