Just purchased 2009 Mazdaspeed3. Couple of questions.?

I purchased the sport.

Do anti-theft system (alarm?) come standard with the sport?

I thought it did but I remember the dealer asked me if I wanted anti-theft... I said no but I am thinking I am gonna need one. But once I read that it is standard, so I am little confused. If I am to get one from a tint place how much do they run for??

I am 27, live in CA and good driving record past 5 years. For those in same situation as me, what insurance was the cheapest? I currently own Farmers but I am gonna change to other cheaper one, what place is legit? I am thinking Progressive and Allstate. Any inputs??

Thank you very much in advance.

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    The downside of getting an aftermarket anti-theft system is that if it is installed improperly it will run down your battery. I live in the midwest. I regularly hear about California weather, like wildfires and mud slides, rain forty days and forty nights. Lil. If I were you, I would not go cheap on the auto insurance, you get what you pay for. Farmers is a solid insurance company. Allstate has these collision centers called Sterling Automotive. They do excellent work. I mean outstanding. They are an arm of Allstate and they make it absolutely easy to do business. I highly recommend Allstate if for no other reason, Sterling Collision Center. Outside looking in, it appears as a resident of California for one reason or another, a good policy will come in handy compared to someone who lives in Wisconsin.

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    I have a 2009 Mazda6 with the anti-theft system. The manual says it includes an engine immobilizer and door alarm. I suggest you get a good aftermarket system, which includes ignition disable, shock sensor, glass breakage detector, pin switch on hood. Door or trunk opening is detected by the dome light or trunk light on. I'm guessing it's $300.

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