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Is The 2009 Yahoo Fantasy Football Mobile App Working Yet?

Is The 2009 Yahoo Fantasy Football Mobile App Working Yet? It Had Been Saying Coming September 8th, 2009. But Now The Date Is Gone, But It Is Not Working. Does Anybody Know What's Wrong, Or When It Will Be Running?

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    As of this morning (Wednesday September 9th), i checked the site and it says that the app is available for both i-phones and blackberry's but after downloading the app it says it is for the Blackberry 8900, and of corse i have the 8330. I'm not sure which phone you have. But you can always check your fantasy teams going through yahoo's website. I hope this helps and i hope you dominate all your fantasy football leagues. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

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    Yahoo has been advertising this thing for months without a premier date, leaving everyone baffled as to when it was supposed to commence. Finally, they put a date on it and, as of 3:55PM CDT on that date, it is still not available.

    When I try to access the page, the Sept. 8th date still shows for me. However, it is still not working and Yahoo refuses to post any updates or information to let it's users know what's going on with situation.

    Some people say wait until the first game, but one of the main ideas with this application is that you'll be able to edit your team's roster before the games.

    What this boils down to is extremely poor customer service. There is no way to propose a question to the Yahoo Help! technical service and get the answer.

    We're in the dark until they either start the program or at least give us insight into what's going on. Either way, I'm severely disappointed in how they've treated this matter.

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    It might depend on what mobile your trying to use. I was of the impression it would be available for blackberry but apparently it is only being offered for certain blackberry models. The crackberry link below points to an appworld site that you can see it is available but when I go there I see plenty of reviews but a message indicates it is not available for my bberry model. The cnet article seems to indicate which models will be supported. Yahoo should of communicated this more clearly to avoid everyone hitting what appears to be a static/useless page.

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    Wait till the game start and there is actually stats to put in there. Hopefully starting with the game on Thursday.

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    Last time I checked on my iPhone, I still could not access it.

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