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How common is consensual incest in the US?

I've seen so many questions regarding this subject and i just wanted to know if anyone knew the statistics on how common it is in the US.

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    OK, starting from the total USA population of about three hundred million, let's subtract.

    By the time women in the USA reach college age, nearly 20 percent have been approached sexually by a family member. (some areas report higher incidence, some lower - Los Angeles, for example, had a stated rate of over 27 percent of women who had actually been involved in incest.

    That's attempted incest in all forms; consensual and non-consensual (rape). That's about 60 million women in the USA. Rape incest ranges in estimates from 14 million to 19 million women.

    Of that 60 million number, only about 4 or 5 percent will accept, or have consensual incest. Say about 3 million women. Most actual incest is also child sexual abuse or rape, so if we leave out the non-consensual incest, we arrive at a total of approximately 6 million including males.

    Consensual Incest remains, naturally, highly under-reported (over 30 percent never tell anyone), so all the statistics mentioned here are compiled estimates, taken from several sources.

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      How do they know 30 percent haven't told anyone if they've never told anyone?

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    In most, if not all,US states, incest is illegal, so from a legal perspective there is no such thing as consensual incest. There are no reliable statistics for the incidence of incest, as those involved usually do not admit it, and do not fill out surveys. The common view is that incest is more prevalent than most realize, but even that view is only a guess. Consider this, there was/is a reason why you stopped. and it is likely that the reason is as valid today as the day you stopped. Fantasies are just that, but reality rarely mirrors the fantasy you construct in your mind.

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    Incest Statistics

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    Adult consensual incest is really not that uncommon.

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