Why do Christians enjoy quoting the King James Bible?

You do realise that the King James Bible was written by about 50 people sat around a table translating the Bible and changing the word of God because they thought they knew better, right? I mean, I'm a nihilist and I know that so surely such devout Christians as yourself should know that. So why do you claim you're speaking the exact words of God, when what you're actually doing is reinforcing the beliefs of homophobic fascists?


@Ajani: ...Yeah, quoting it again really isn't helping your side of the argument.

Update 2:

@no1home: Did you even read the comment? I'M A NIHILIST. All you've done is describe what I already know. That's the entire point of nihilism.

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    Some so-called Christians absolutely swear by the King James Version......but they're very much deluded in their thinking.

    It's common knowledge in the realm of Bible scholars that the translators of the KJV had blatantly and knowingly changed the scriptures to fit their false religious beliefs. A flagrant example can be found in how the KJV renders 1 John 5:7, 8. It is very well-known that some particular wording was deliberately entered into those verses that did NOT belong there, but was put in to try and give support to the false teaching of the "trinity".

    John 1:1 is another ridiculously faulty and highly errant translation in the King James version.

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    A few things:

    1) KJV is not a very good example to use for a translation because we have found older, more reliable texts from which to translate since it was done. Many modern versions have corrections, and the New King James Version is actually quite trustworthy.

    2) NKJV and the rest of the trustworthy translations are just that: Translations. They are not "written." They are translated from the oldest copies of the original text by teams of experts in the ancient languages in which they were written. That it is done in teams ensures that one or two people can't "rewrite" the scriptures or otherwise corrupt the original meaning.

    3) Accurate translations, such as NKJV, NASB, NIV, ESV, contain elements that enhance their reliability. For example, there are a few short sections in my copy of the ESV that are clearly marked to let me know that the text does not appear in the earliest copies of the original documents. There are a number of words that are marked to let me know that the exact meaning of the Hebrew word is not known. My copy of the NASB has words that were added to enhance context or meaning in italics. Bottom line: These are scholarly works that can be trusted, not somebody's fiction.

    4) There is not always a 1-to-1 translation from Hebrew or Greek to English. There are going to be differences in the exact wording of one translation or another. A lot depends on the intent of the translators. The NASB, for example, strove to be a word-for-word translation. The NLT, on the other hand, is a thought-for-thought translation. The outcomes of these two translation philosophies must be different. The key is to understand the translation philosophy of what you're reading and compare it with other translations. This is one of the only ways folks unfamiliar with the original languages can get a true 360-degree view of the text.

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    The KJV has been revised and I am sure will be revised again. It was back in the 1600s that King James ordered several scholars to write and edit the book as we have come to know it.

    In the first it was in the original script that needed careful translation. As time went on it was the "Queen's English" ("thee" "thou" "ye" and such) but currently it is not the current form of English. This does not even touch he other languages.

    The scribes and scholars who were ordered be the king sat in a quiet room for several, several years working from the saved scripts that they had. So, I see no reason to "assume" that they were any thing less that good employees of the king at that time !!

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    Who you callin ' lovely ?? I have a rats nest of commonly asked questions like is jesus god ... the numbers of quotes for such a topic is huge and I can really only quote 5 or so and there are about 50 good ones ... I figure the person actually wants an answer .. maybe it's not true but I assume so .

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    When King Henry VIII passed the Act of Supremacy in 1536 he made himself Head of the Church of England. From then on the King of England had the same authority for Anglicans as the Pope has for Roman Catholics.

    When Henry's successor King James I of England Authorised a translation of the Bible in 1611, the King James Version became the only acceptable Bible for followers of the Church of England (the way that only Bibles with the Pope's approval - the Imprimatur - are acceptable to Roman Catholics).

    Anyone who is loyal to the Crown of England - and accepts Queen Elizabeth II as God's Vicar on Earth, and Gordon Brown as the legitimate appointer of His clergy - will accept the King James Version as the only True Bible.

    Fortunately there are many Americans - particularly in the south - who still understand that the War of Secession was a mistake, and that they can only be saved by witnessing to their Englishness.

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    Because it is the most widely accepted translation in existence today. Yes we know it's origins.

    It was conceived in 1604 by King James I of England, in response to the perceived problems of the earlier translations as detected by the Puritans, a faction within the Church of England.

    The king gave the translators instructions designed to guarantee that the new version would conform to the ecclesiology and reflect the episcopal structure of the Church of England and its beliefs about an ordained clergy.

    This information can be further studied & verified at Wikipedia under search string title, "Authorized King James Bible"

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    It was translated from the Greek and Hebrew writings. The Dead Sea Scrolls have proved that the the Book of Isaiah was translated to within 99% accuracy.

    Just because you have your beliefs about the translation does not mean you need to call other people names this just makes you look small and insignificant.

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    God promises to preserve His word. Meaning that He will do what' neccessary to keep it intact as He meant it to be. There is a warning to those who try to change the meaning of the Bible, they will be punished! It takes faith to believe the Bible but its worth it;) It is quoted to back up beliefs. Eeryone likes proof right?

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    Well, thank you for YOUR opinion. Sadly, in light of the universe, your opinion means absolutely nothing, and anything as small as YOU (when placed next to the planet, the solar system, the galaxy, etc); as short lived as you are (compared to the age of the universe), your opinion is absolutely nothing.

    But, none the less, thank you for sharing your ignorance with the rest of us. It's quite enlightening to know about the vast emptiness that exists between your ears.

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    We quote the verses of Bible in order to make you believe that all what we are talking about is purely God's will. We don't forget to give citation.

    Repent or else you will be toasted in Hell enjoying pain and grief.

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