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Your thoughts on Obama's "I Pledge" video..?

I was raised to pledge to our flag, our country and its principles, and to protect those that cannot protect themselves. I'm a conservative and I disagree with the majority of what our President is doing, but I agreed with the video until these celebrities started pledging to Barack Obama. The way I see it, this is farther from our Republic than most of the other stuff President Obama has done.

This threw up a few red flags. Just curious as to what other people are thinking.

You can view the video here:

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By "Republic," I am not referring to the party. I am referring to the form of government we have--just to clear up any misunderstandings.

Update 2:

--Well, to Hearts and Coulter:

You obviously do not understand the basic principles of human morality. I claim to partisanship, but I DO believe that (for example) abortion is wrong. Why? Simply because of the fact that we have no authority to decide who lives and who dies. True, they may very well live a life of "suffering" as you so eloquently put it. But the fact still stands that we should, at all costs, prevent people from being judged by another person based on mere assumption. Coulter, before you get on your soap box next time, read the question in full. I in no way said that these pledges being made were wrong. It DOES send up red flags--the S.S. made the same commitment to Hitler. We all NEED to do right and we MUST help our fellow Americans at all cost. But I still stand where I originally did--Never ever ever should anyone pledge to a man. Pledging to his cause is a completely different, and acceptable, story.

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    This is disgusting! No one should pledge their service to a pathetic, arrogant, clueless LIAR like Obama (or any other politician!) Hollyweird is disgusting and what makes them an authority?

    How about, "I promise to keep spreading the alarm about the dangerous schemes of this dolt and the other liberals."

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    I see how you could find that to be pledging to Obama, but I'm not sure if that was their intent.

    Either way I still continue to pledge my allegiance to this country, not to just one person. The video sends up red flags to me too.

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    I just watched the video and my first impression is...WOW!

    There are many great goals listed there as well as some that are no more than hyperbole. But the end, worshiping and pledging to serve Obama, that was downright scary! That sounded like something from the dark ages, pledging to king and country. Have we become some weak minded people that we are going to pledge to serve a president instead of expecting and demanding he serve us?

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    I pledged my allegiance to the flag as well, but a flag represents the people who stand behind it. Not just the people of the past who shaped our country, the flag was not created to remember the past, but to contribute to it's memory by adding to the present and future. You are not the last to pledge your allegiance to the flag of the United States, your deeds will go down in history as well as the people of the past. The people who are celebrities are pledging to do a better job in the future, to make our country a better place for the generations who will come after us. How does doing good things, make you throw up Red Flags for our future? Pres. Obama is asking all the United States people look at what their actions in the past have done to the country, and instead of doing the same in the present and future, change your ways of only thinking of today and your own needs of the day, but instead look to the future and realize that what you do today has a big impact on tomorrow. Think not of yourself, but of those who have not been born yet. Republicans are so interested in the Right to Choose, whether to allow a child to be born or not, yet they don't think about what they are leaving behind for that child they saved from abortion. What good is saving a life, if you can't offer it a life worth living? If it's parents can't get a job to feed, clothe and house that child, what kind of life did you save it for? A life of horrible existance, is not a life a parent wants to offer their child, so, why have the child. Obama is asking us to save our Country, save the resources, save the children, and he's using celebrities to get the message out. Our flag is our banner, if you pledge your allgience to the flag, you pledge your alligeince to all it stands for, not just the flag and it's colors, red, white and blue. It stands for our history, our present, and what our future holds for the people who are yet to come.

    Source(s): Someone give DATAMAN his meds. He needs serious help, and fast.
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    I Pledge to vote against Obama in 2012.

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    Just more mindless celebrities. We could always send them to Venezuela with other celebrities who are in love with Hugo Chavez. Sean Penn, Naomi Campbell, etc.

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    I had seen this before red flags yes-but none of the featured celebrities is known for their intelligence.Easy to see why our young voters feel as they do they blindly worship .Just look you had to explain Republic that we are a Republic to them.

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    You have got to be kidding you are complaining about a Pledge to Do Right By Our Country...these Celebrities are simply the voice used to carry a Message, A VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE I might add...To Aid in OUR Healing...Get Over Yourselves, you Pompous Complainers!

    edit..Derik...which part of your edit applied to me?

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    You'r just jealous because Bush or McCain could never have lined up so many celebs in support. The 'pledges' are pretty harmless.

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    No matter the political position or goals of anyone involved, this kind of propaganda is simply disgusting.

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