How can I confirm a Company from Germany is real?

I work as a international companies's representative in my country, selling their products to the importers. I have contacted from a germany company that would like to work with me, but I would like to confirm is a real company.

What should I do in order to obtain details about this company?

For example: when was created, if it registred in a chamber of commerce in Germany, etc, etc.

Thanks in advance.

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    Every company in Germany must:

    1. have a value added tax number (In german Umsatzsteuernummer or the abbreviations: Ust.-Nr. or Ust.-ID.Nr.)


    2. be registered in the "Handelsregister" (Company Registry) of the city where the company has its registered head office and therefore a legal company must also have a a register number from the "Handelsregister".

    You should find both numbers in the web of the company and in the paper used for the correspondence. If you do not see them, you can beging to distrust about the authenticity

    The Company Registry number begins with the abbreviation "HRA" or the abbreviation "HRB"

    "HRB" means "Handelsregister Abteilung B" (Company Registry, Department B) . In this department are registered all Corporations (Kapitalgesellschaft) and you can recognize them by any of the following abbreviations at the ending of the name of the company:

    - AG (Aktiengesellschaft or in english "joint stock company")

    - GmbH (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung or in english "limited liability company")

    - KGaA (Kommanditgesellschaft auf Aktien or in english "Association limited by shares"


    HRA means "Handelsregister Abteilung A" (Company Registry, Department A) . Here are registered other companies that do not belong to the B department.


    If you really want to be sure that the company is real, you should contact the "Handelsregister" of the city where the company is registered. The Handelsregister is part of the "Amtsgericht" (district court) in each german city.

    In the following link you can see how this information should look:

    Amtsgericht Köln: HRB 64 081

    this means that this company is registered in Cologne (Köln) in the department B of the register (HRB) the rest is the register number

    Ust.-ID.Nr.: DE 81 11 42 39 5

    DE means Deutschland (Germany) the rest is the value added tax number.

    I hope this can help you

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    This question is long time ago, but maybe my answer will be helpful for someone else. the above isn t right, sorry... there are a lot of small companies in Germany who don t have an Umsatzsteuer-ID-Nummer and also they aren t in a Handelsregister. they are called "Einzelunternehmer". So if you want to prove the company exists, you can ask for a copy of the Gewerbeanmeldung, which is a sheet what you get when you register you company.

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