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Hi I am looking to buy a Portable Generator?

Hi, I am looking to buy a small(ish) suitcase style portable petrol generator, I have all but exhausted EBAY so my question is -------- Are there any other similar sites I could try. Thanks in advance. P.S A link would obviously be of great help. Again THANKS

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    I would suggest Machine Mart. They have shops, magazine and a website of the same name. (I am not affiliated with them). Prices as low as £75. B&Q also sell them. I believe you can also get an invertor to convert 12V dc from your car/van into 240V ac mains. Maplins sell them in their high st shops.

    Make sure you get one rated at a higher power output than you need. If you run it at max power you may get a voltage drop or a risk of overheating.

    I'm not sure it would be wise to get one second hand. It's the type of equipment that people run until it's worn out.

    As a side note, if your generator is going to serve any sort of survival, backwoodsman, or civilisation breakdown purpose, I would suggest a diesel model. They are more robust and you can run them on cooking oil if fuel becomes scarce.

    Source(s):, personal visits to B&Q and Maplins in the recent past
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    Check your local classified ads and Kijiji. I bought a 5kW generator this summer and also a small portable generator a short time ago, both listed on Kijiji. The 5kW was in mint condition, the small one needed the speed governor replaced, about $40 in parts.

    Avoid the Chinese built generators. The purchase price may be lower but long term reliability and parts availability may not be there. Assuming you are in the USA or Canada, Briggs and Stratton has a very good parts network set up and have a proven track record for reliability.

    Check my generator page for other information

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    I bought a used Coleman Powermate 1850 on Kijiji last week. It needs some minor repair, but the price was right. Nice little generator. Stay away from the Chinese built units. Questionable quality and could be difficult to get repair parts. I was able to visit a small engine repair shop and order the parts needed for the Briggs & Stratton engine, delivered within about a week.

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    I have used several different Honda generators over 20 years. They are very reliable. If I were going to buy a generator, I would buy a Honda or one with a Honda engine. They are more expensive than cheap Chinese ones, or ones with Briggs & Stratton engines, but I would pay extra for the reliable Honda engine.

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    i bought my big gen and my little one on craigslist. it worked out well because lots of people are selling items like that on there now. other places to try are calling around to pawn shops. any of those pawn shops in your area that take tools will take gen. and they are decent prices for used. good luck

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    We found one in Tractor Supply.

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