Research topic- socialism in america ?

I am planning to do a research essay for school. I feel that our government is becoming socialistic. I would like to hear the opinions of others before beginning this project. Examples of your opinion and such. Some questions I would like answered are

1. What is your personal definition of socialism ?

2. Do you feel the last century or so in the U.S., there has been a slight shift to socialism ?

3. Do you believe our country was based on capitalism and how would you describe capitalism in your words ?

4. Do you agree with the Universal Healthcare plan ?

5. Do you believe that the government should be involved in aspects such as if you have a certain amount of children a government nurse will come into your home to explain contraception, the risks getting pregnant again , the financing it will cost you, and so forth ? If so, how do you think this will work ?

6. Do you believe that if we approve Universal Healthcare that "we will wait long periods for surgery, certain tests, etc." ?

7. Have we entered a capitalistic/socialistic era for the U.S. ?

If you happen to have any other questions you would like answered or are curious about please post them.


I am actually not a republican, because I figure that's what you think by the way I am talking about socialism. I have facts for my research but I want to ask how people feel about it. Knowing what they already know not me putting facts into their brains. Another question I want to put in there is

How much of an effect do you feel the media has on viewers and the public ? Also what do you think of when you hear "FOX News"

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    I am assuming this is for a high school assignment so I will keep it as simple as I can and to the point. Socialist Theory defined in the simplest terms I can is the Needs of the Many or All outweigh the Needs of the Few or the One. I emphasize "needs" not wants or desires.

    Socialist Theory made its appearance during the 19th Century with the writings of men such as Karl Marx, Frederick Engels, Robert Owen, and Henri Saint-Simon. Socialism was born out a driving need for equality in Europe that one by one toppled monarchies fueled by the Industrial Revolution. You see peasants and artisan classes regardless of their intelligence or God given talents were born peasants or middle class and died peasants and middle class. There was no such thing as upward mobility but the advance in technology demanded ingenuity, creativity, and with it the rewards to encourage more ingenuity and creativity. This is the fertile soil that grew Socialism.

    The United States was created with a socialist streak. A socialist streak modeled after the French Revolution and their cries of "Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity". The belief that all men are "created equal" and endowed by their creator to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" are at the very foundation of Socialist Theory. These were the battle cries during the French Revolution and later in the Revolutions of 1848 in Europe. The American Declaration of Independence and Constitution were not original ideas but improvements on the Magna Carta and European Socialist Theory.

    That Socialist streak was stifled until the Abolitionist Movement brought it to the surface and was a factor causing the Civil War. Socialist Theory was meant to address disenfranchisement of the those deprived of upward mobility by making everybody equal. The belief being that the factory manager was worthless without the factory worker therefore both were equal because both had value to the productivity of the factory. Now in the US upward mobility was not a problem as it was in Europe. A factory worker could persevere and become the owner of his own factory. President Lincoln wrote about it. Now because upward mobility was denied to African Americans and to some extent Native Americans the flaw in the US was not routed in socioeconomic class but in Race, then as the 19th Century progressed to the 20th Century newly arriving immigrants faced unjust obstacles to upward mobility. They were segregated, and in some cases isolated by different languages and faiths.

    In response to all that disenfranchisement Marx's theories made their way to the US and labor unions were born. The American socialist streak grew wider and stronger but now with a bloody vicious fight.

    There were a lot of vicious battles trying to stop labor unions during the early 20th Century. American History is stained with violence against mineworkers, truck drivers, dairy farmers, and longshoremen as they unionized. They were branded Communists, beaten and killed. Yet the Labor Movement persevered because of that foundation of "liberty and equality" built into the American Society.

    Then the Depression hit and it was extremely difficult to argue that America was great when so many were homeless and hungry. That is when that American socialist streak grew more stronger and wider. The American government was challenged to take care of its own people and it responded with new programs the most socialist in theory was the Social Security program. Again not an original concept but modeled after similar programs in some European countries.

    A large socialist device given to us from our "Founding Fathers" is public education. The belief being that democracy stays healthy when the citizenry are well educated. More importantly it wrestled education away from religious organizations and made accessible to all. Think about a time when education was only available from parochial and private schools and if you weren't of that faith or wealthy you couldn't go to school. Apparently that has come to be very true uneducated citizens are a threat to democracy. They are quick to abdicate their rights to people that convince them that they know what the people want, not need but want. President Madison was a huge supporter of public education and made public schools happen so I guess there is our first socialist president.

    Many people don't realize it but the government has been involved health care since the early 20th Century. The US Public Health Service, state and county health departments have been traveling throughout the rural areas of the country going into people's homes as a defense against the spread of diseases. They have been monitoring poor children in rural areas with home visits for decades and yes more socialism. Is it really wrong to take measures to stop the spread of disease in the US?

    So I guess the most accurate answer I can give you is that socialism is embedded in American

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    Socialism is a economic and political theory that tried to do the impossible. It tries to create complete equality of all incomes and everything else.

    The U.S. has a mixed economy which is a economy that utilizes some capitalist and some socialist principles. The government usually controls some aspects, but private individuals and corporations control others. A mixed economy relies on the law of supply and demand to determine production and prices.

    Our health care reform plan is not a Universal Health care plan. I would not support a universal health care plan.

    We entered a capitalistic/socialistic era for the U.S. decades ago.

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    There is a lot of socialism in America and some are necessary. The best example is national defense. By allowing the government to facilitate, regulate, and run a national army, we are free to not worry as much about foreign countries invading. Other examples include the postal service and public education.

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    You "feel"? No one cares what anyone else "feels." They care about things that you can prove using evidence. And other peoples' "feelings" on matters subject to empirical evidence are just as irrelevant as yours.

    There is no real socialist movement in America. There is no real left-wing movement of any description in America. There is a centrist party (Democrats) and a right-wing party (Republicans).

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  • Our government has always had socialistic programs. Get with the program. Liberals are going to say 'no,' conservitards are going to say 'yes.' Duh.

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