help!!SUPER URGENT!!nid answer ASAP?

i nid to know what r d 5 things u miss during ur childhood days..easy question! instant points..

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    1 decade ago
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    Getting along with brothers and sisters.

    Having a real best friend.

    Being able to play.

    Having time to bike ride and not tied up with 5 hours of homework like my children.

    Being with my parents

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    We can salvage this. what you need is some creative thinking. First, use more mayo. Next, if you have any chips crumble them on the bread. add more cheese, multiple varieties. Microwave for 20 seconds on high, let cool for twenty minutes, and then cry over the amount of time you and I just wasted on a pointless question on the internet.

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    wow, really, this IS urgent...

    I guess i miss that pure attitude towards everything, i miss fantasy - all those ideas, you just can't make up something like that in your older years...i miss fast friendship making and keeping - kids have it so easy, there's no hate and revenge, then i miss doing everything you want at the moment and not being stared at - that freedom of actions and words and i miss loving everything around and having fun without any depressions

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    1) Ability to do whatever you want, less responsibility

    2) Being more creative as a child

    3) The things are wayy funner back in the days

    4) No pressure of any sort

    5) Able to be forgiven for trivial things.

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  • 1 decade ago

    having nap time at school

    largest problems were arguments over who was going to be in for tag or hide and seek

    No working at home

    Everyone was your friend

    Playing on the equipment

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    1) No responsibility

    2) No responsibility

    3) No responsibility

    4) No responsibility

    5) No responsibility

  • 1 decade ago

    1)No responsibility

    2)Time to play

    3)No school


    5)Rule are lenient

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    1 decade ago

    having no responsibility

  • if it's cliched, innocent fun, no worries, simplicity, games, yeah.

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