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Would I be able to sell my homebrew to local bars?

I know there would be permits and health inspections and such required but I am just curious if it is possible? I have taken up homebrewing and have discovered I am quite good at it. I have a 1100sq ft shop that i'd be willing to turn into a "brewery" if I had to. Just wandering what all is required to be able to do so. Thanks. Oh and I'm in Oregon if that makes any difference.

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    check with the ATF first...Alcohol,Tobacco, and Firearms.

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    You will need a license or a few (one for brewing and one for distribution where I live). You will need tax papers on it as well. And you may be influenced by the laws in ways you do not want your product to be handled (like pasteurization).

    After all this you still need to market and sell your product. If you are serious go ask OLCC what is required

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    you will have to get a distributor/production licence from your local liquor control board in order to be able to sell your home brew to another company that will then turn around and sell it to customers.

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    email me if you want to know about how to make wine out of stuff in ur area

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    i would like to buy some if possible. but im in Minnesota :(

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