Can stress cause heart fast rate and heart beats skipping?

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Specially these palpitations that during the fast beating you feel your heart stops for a second and then continues to beat fast! I have done these last 6 months ALL KIND OF EXAMS more
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  • Dee answered 5 years ago
Yes it does. I found this out the hard way! I have also had every single heart test you could think of and all mine are normal. I have had pretty bad stress for the past year or so and I am told thats what its from. I have PVCs which is premature ventricular contraction, which means the bottom of your heart is beating a little sooner then it should, they are completely harmless. Also yes fast heartbeats are a huge symptom of stress. You could also have a thyroid issue which causes anxiety and rapid heartbeats. Have a blood test to check your thyroid.

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Trust me i have done all kind of tests you could imagine,IT'S ONLY STRESS THEY SAY!
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  • dcrc93 answered 5 years ago
    It can some.How fast are you talking about.Much over 120 go to the ER
    Does it skip alot or just for a second now and then?Alot of things can cause it thyroid ,low iron ,potassium,
    medications caffeinee
    eat well avoid caffeinee and check this site it
    ive had it for years they are called arrhythmia'ss
    only you and your doctor can figure it out
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  • dr sangani answered 5 years ago
    skipping of heart beats should not be taken lightly

    get an ECG and a 2-D echo of your heart done


    i am a cardiac surgery resident
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  • reza answered 5 years ago
    Yes it can , in other words it is protective phenomena . It copes the body to to fight against an emergengy situation. It is caused by increase sympathetic drive. In otherwise healthy person , skip beat or drop beat usually due to increase anxiety or due to too much tea or coffee . There is nothing to worry about it but chronic stress is bad for health .Try to learn how to cope with stresful situation , relaxation technique,yoga ,meditation helps to reduce stress. If these does not help you may need anti anxiety medication for time being.
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  • Starlight answered 5 years ago
    Yes, stress and too much caffeine are the two leading causes of heart palpitations. Usually they are nothing to worry about and do not cause any damage. Try learning relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing, and limit your caffeine intake.
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