Car license plate and registration?

I recently made a title transfer onto my name(Pennsylvania) at a local car dealership ,I previously did not have a license plate so they gave me a new one is it a permanent license place or temporary metal license plate,if it's a temp license place will I receive the permanent license plate by mail. They gave temporary registration and I didn't receive the registraion in mail yet if I go to the local DMV will they give me a registration and sticker on spot or are they going to mail it.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If they gave you a metal license plate it is a permanent license plate. You will receive the registration and sticker in the mail. Usually in seven to fourteen business days. I also live in PA.

  • keeler
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    3 years ago

    uncertain with regard to the recent format - yet - decrease than the previous format (A938 DPY as an occasion) the 1st A became the twelve months of registration, the final 2 letters PY have been the centre the place the vehicle became first registered at. the relax numbers and letter pointed out the guy vehicle.

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