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I need some help with math, any help at all would be appreciated.?

1. Solve for the indicated letter

D=4e, for e The solution is e=

2. G(x) = 6/(6-5x)

Choose the correct domain below

{x|x is a real number and x ≠0}

{x|x is a real number and x≠6/5}

{x|x is a real number and x≥6/5}

{x|x is a real number and x ≠6}

3. Solve 5> -3x+4 or 9≤-3x+5



(-∞, -4/3]


4. Graph the equation and identify the y-intercept

Y+x = -2

5. Solve by the elimination method


10x + 12y=6

6. Use the intercepts to graph the equation x+4y = 8

7. Graph the equation



8. -5≤3x-4≤-3


9. Graph the line containing the given pair of points and find the slope.


Find the slope of the line


10. Solve -0,2x<-12

I think this is {x|-11.8}

11. Decide whether the pair of lines is parallel, perpendicular, or neither.



12. Collect the like terms

15r+5s-4r-7s= I think the answer is -11r+-2s

13. The width of a rectangle is fixed at 12cm. What lengths will make the perimeter 72cm.

The length must be greater than ----- cm. Is it 48

14.Solve then graph


15. Find the slope and the y-intercept


16. Graph the inequality on a plane

3x +4y≤12

17. Use the intercept to graph the equation

X+5y =10

18. Solve by using the substitution method



19. Graph the system of inequalities



Y=9/7 x+6

20. Solve by the elimination method



21. Simplify


22. Solve the system of equations by graphing. Then classify the system as consistent or inconsistent and as dependent or independent.



What is the solution of the system of equations?

Infinitely many solutions

A point

No solution

Is the system consistent or inconsistent?

Are the equations dependent or independent?

23. Solve the following system of equations.

X+5y=7 (1)

X=9-5y (2)

What is the solution of the system? Select the correct choice below and, if necessary, fill in the answer box to complete your choice.

The solution is _______. Type an ordered pair.

There is no solution.

Plot (0,6) on the coordinate axes.

24.Determine the slope of a line that is (-4,5)

25. Multiply -6/5 *(1/6)

26. Solve using the multiplication principle.


27. Use the distributive property to help you solve the equation.

3(w-5) = -15


28. Solve then graph


Choose the correct solution





29. Find the slope, if it exists, of the line containing the pair of points.

(6,7) and (8,-2) the slope m=__________

30. Solve using the multiplication principle. Don’t forget to perform a check.


31. 50% of what number is 40?

The answer is _____________. I believe it is 80

32. 0.6x +4≤1.4x-7

The solution is {x|x___ ____}

33. 4+6x<46

The solution set is {x|x ________ _________}

34. 5/8x+1/16x=5/16+x

The solution is x=__________

35. Find the domain of the function

P(x) = X TO THE 2ND POWER – 2X +4


36.Solve using the multiplication principle. Don’t forget to perform a check.


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    1. divide both sides of the equation by 4

    2. division is well defined except when dividing by zero. So the domain is everywhere except where the divisor is zero.

    3. isolate x on one side of the inequality each time. Inequalities work just like equalities except that you have to change the sign (< to > and vice versa) whenever you multiply or divide by a negative number.

    11. The easyest way to tell whether or not two lines are parallel is to write them in the form y1=a1*x+b1, y2=a2*x+b2. If a1=a2 the lines are parallel. If a1=-1/a2 then the lines are perpendicular.

    13. Perimeter = 2*length +2*width. Call the width x and solve for x.

    18. The second equation is already int eh form x=, so all you need to do is substitute the RHS of the second equation for x in the first equation.

    31. Yes it is 80

    35. squaring adding and multiplying are always valid operations so the domain is all reals

    The whole point of homework is that you're supposed to do it to get practice and learn ;-).

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    1) Convert ten inches into feet (10/12, or 5/6, which should be a decimal). Square this value (square feet needed for one side), then multiply by six (a cube has six sides). 2) I believe the volume of a sphere is (4/3)(pi)(r^3). You are given the diameter as 3 inches, so the radius is 1.5 inches. Substitute that in and you should get your answer. Hope that helps.

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    Hi! You need to get a tutoring so he sit with you and see were you have make your mistakes or not get it- (BTW that be no good if some one make for you all this problems you never going to learn it like that I'm sorry) ask your teacher if she can make for you this tutoring or know someone he/she can give recommendation for you- The teacher will be happy to help you and you going to learn it better and know what or why you doing it like this way or that way in the end- you may be teaching others it was hard for them as well Good Luck

    Source(s): Life - Long time ego wasTeaching as well
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