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pokemon game corruption help?

first off all sort of the same thing happend to my bro's game. my game was leaf green and his is emerald. today i switched on my game and it said the save file has been deleted. my game and my brother's game both have a small pice of white plastic at the back and where the game is inserted there is a gap. can anyone tell me why it got deleted?

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    Did the corruption of file happened " AFTER YOU BEAT THE ELITE 4"? If it is so,then you're game is a fake one.

    I accidentally bought a fake emerald too and it took me 3 repeats of game to finally defeat E4 without corrupting data. Now, people say that when battling E4 in " fake versions", you must only carry pokemons with your own I.D. That means no trade pokemons allowed (including those in the game; horsea,plusle, etc). I don't know if this is true, but I followed it and that's how i beat the game without corruption.

    Turn off the game when you see the credits on the screen after you beat elite 4.

    And btw, I didn't ever battle E4 again. Never as I'm afraid it will corrupt my game again.

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    Probably fake versions, this is the most common thing that happens to many players. You buy fake versions that can't save or their file gets corrupted easily. Another thing is maybe your version was exposed to water, think about when you last left it. But it's probably a fake.

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    my emerald version was fake as well. so i sold it to my friend with a piece of paper inside the game cartridge that says "you're f#cked" lol

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