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poppy1 asked in HealthOther - Health · 1 decade ago

Who can answer My question?

I found out I have breast Cancer..The Big C..I watched My Mom slowly die with Cancer and it was a terrible thing to watch..Being eaten alive from the inside out..

What I want to know,is Live really worth all the pain and stuffing a person has to go through with Cancer..

I haven't had a very happy Life,with all the hurts,suffering and The Love

One that is deep inside My Heart that I can never forget or stop Loving ..He is My true Soul Mate there's not another..

He has broke Me into pieces and left Me crying in Pain,that My true Soul Mate no longer wants Me..

I just want to get on My Harley and ride to the Freedom I want so must..The ride to Heaven is in My head,but is Life worth all the pain and suffering I will be going through and still have...

Life is one Big Roller Coaster..Your win some and you lose alot..So maybe the ride to Heaven really isn't Bad..

People waiting for Me to arrive in Heaven and always bring your dog with you..

The Devil can trick you,but My companion knows who's good and who is not..

Open The Golden Gates for Me..My ride will come to an end and STOP!!!

So is Life all it's cut out to be,or is Life just not worth a second chance..

My Friends Please answer without any joking this is a serious question and I Love all of You!!!

Your Friend,


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    Poppy. You have been here as long as i have and although i have really never communicated with you, have always found your advice to be spot on, funny and caring.

    Trust me when i say this, he is a fool to leave someone like you and a double fool to be leaving at a time like this.

    However sometimes we cling to something GOD wants us not to because of the inability to let go.

    Your main concern now is to deal with the big C and take care of yourself.

    You will see your true friends show up now!

    My prayers will be going out to you and i'll put you at the top of my daily Prayer list at yahoo and one that i do after I wake up from sleep.

    I am big on the power of Prayer.

    You and your Harley's many more roads to go my friend as many cancers are curable by early detection and can only hope they did so with you.

    Do not lose faith and GOD will rise you from this trial in whatever he so desires.

    Each day in life is a second chance and a third and forth when we fall down and know the LORD will still be there to help you walk and get back on your ride and head off to whatever heaven is waiting for you.

    Life is worth every breath and every ounce of pain endured.

    If your anything like i noticed while here at yahoo, then this will be an experience that you can share your joy to others.

    Sometimes GOD allows certain things for people who is strong enough to go through because they are meant to be blessings to others that are weak and needing.

    I see this in you my friend.


    Stay Upbeat and face Life head on like you have in the past.

    MY PRayers my friend.

    CHEER< HUGGS< HOPES< and my BEST wishes always.

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    Poppy, yes. The joy a beautiful sunset brings, the feel of a cool breeze when riding on a warm day, Clean sheets on the bed at the end of a long tiring day. The faces you make smile or weep just by your being you.

    That soul mate you cannot forget....... brought you love and a sense of completion you never felt before or since. Be glad you were able to feel it, had the gift of it even if it ended. No one can take away the good memories....... you only lose them when you concentrate on the bad.

    Remember, sweet Poppy, you may have cancer but cancer does not have YOU! Pick the battles you want to fight, make peace with the decisions you make and let the good moments fill you with the will to go forward. God Bless.

  • Granny
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    1 decade ago

    This is such a cry for help! Life is worth it. Life is full of challenges. Everyone on here has lost a true love in one way or another. We all can feel the pain you describe. But there are much better cures for catching breast cancer early and living a productive healthy life. I have two friends that survived it. Suicide is the cowards way out. You need to find a purpose for your life. It doesn't matter if it's volunteer work at an elementary school or mapping out a trip for your Harley. Don't be stupid. People love you. There are people whose lives you have touched that would be so devastated to loose you from their lives. Hang in there and get some counseling. If you want to be OK, you will be OK. Believe.

  • Autumn
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    Dear poppy1,

    I've seen some of your q's and a's on here because you are a contact of one of my contacts. I can tell you have a big heart and have inner strength. My mom and sister are gone, too. My mom had a rare disease which you probably never heard of - myelofibrosis, and my sister had cancer of the liver (when they found it, it was pretty advanced). They were my two best human friends on earth. Some days, I think how much I miss them and how I'd love dearly to see them again. I'm having a lot of problems in my life here, but I'm going to try really hard to stick around and tough it out. The main things that keep me going are my 2 kids, my pets, and my dad.

    I can tell you are hurting big-time right now, not just with your bad news of the breast cancer, but because someone you love a lot has not returned your love, let you down or deserted you. Just going by what you say and how you say it in your questions and answers, I know you have a lot to offer the world. I hope you will want to stay, too. You know, there is so much more they can do to beat cancer than even the year before. You have to want to live, though. You mustn't just give in to the urge to just stop trying. You can do this, Poppy, I know you can! Look at me, I don't even know you in person, but I like you. You mentioned bringing your dog with you to Heaven. LOL! You sound so much like me! I know my 2 darling Shelties are there and I will get to see them again. Darn, I'm crying now! Please, just know that life is worth it and your mom, as well as my mom and sister, can wait to see us. They want us to live life, and don't want us to go before our time. I know your mom loves you so much! Take care!

    Your friend,


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  • Tom M
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    1 decade ago

    Hello Dear Poppy !!!

    So sorry to hear of this, but I still wish you the best for every day :))

    I can tell by your comments here in answers that you have touched many lives in your family and friends. Your Dad for one is very lucky to have had you take care of him. :))

    Your future will not be easy, but every day we are here is a blessing, and there is always good along with the bad.

    Keep up the fight and get what help you can. Hopefully this will help your brothers and others in your family to give you a hand. You cannot keep running the whole house hold all by your self.... Well I suppose You could !!! But it's time some others helped out too :)))

    I'm happy to have you as a great contact and will pray, and hope the best for you each day :))))

    From all of us here !!! Your Yahoo Family !!!!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You need courage and determination to live your life the way you want. Its crucial not to let someone or something spoil your life. Its yours. Someone is that one you called LOVE. Time to rectify and call him cowered. Something also for you is that cancer. You can beat it and no matter what be a winner cz you tried. you had the COURAGE to make a stand. Against Those two buggers. Beat the bugs. Good luck may God Bless you and save you. But you must try first. Life is a challenge the bigger the better it could be if we are able to face it then rise to win. BE A WINNER FOREVER. Im saparal@ymail.com a true firend of ppl like you. Im sure you are a great person LOVE YOU GOD BLESS. HOPE AND DREAM ITS YOUR RIGHT.

    Source(s): Ancient Wisdom
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Poppy, sorry to hear you have cancer and I can only convey what I know from personal experience. Wolfie's family has been totally decimated by cancer and some of her family members opted out of treatments while others went for everything modern medicine offers. In my opinion it's totally a personal decision that can only be made by the person that's faced with the decision. If I ever face that decision I can tell you I'm going to fight to the last breath for every second I can get. I've been through many hardships in my life and none of it matters when it comes to choosing life and death, I'm going for all I can get. If a magic pill existed that would grant me eternal life I'd take it in a heartbeat, life is precious and one can always find reason to keep going, friends and family plus the beauty nature offers us are just a few! No one can make decisions for you, but we can offer our friendship and support. Judging from the responses above me it's clear to me you have plenty of friends and support! You'll be in my thoughts :)

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    this may not help but here goes. A dear friend is fighting cancer and it looks like she will lose. She went for surgery,chemo,radiation but it's not looking good. Many months of pain and sickness. My mother was diagnosed and stage and had two months of torture but she had years of good up to then. As for me, if I get the word it will depend on how much down time treatment would bring. If they can fix it then I'll take treatment if they are iffy with my chances then I will ask for meds to help with pain and go out the natural way with no treatment. My heart goes out to you because this does alter your life beyond words and there is no easy answer. Wait until the initial shock wears off before really deciding your course.

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    My dear friend:

    Brest cancer these days is cure-able unless not detected until later stages. Get your treatment and stay with us. There are many that love you dearly, including me. Don't go on a "death ride". Get treated right away. I have a very stubborn scotswoman very near and dear to me even kept her hair through the chemo for rinsing her head in cold water every 15 minutes for four hours after the treatment. Don't delay. Get after it. Your harley will thank you for being able to ride it for many more long years. She had it in 1998 and is still "all clear".


    Source(s): My soul mate beat it. Celtic stubborn-ness and prompt treatment goes a long way in these times.
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    Hello my friend, I am very sorry your having such pain and sorrow. My best friend died of Cancer I miss her very much her name is Sharon to me she will always be with me in my heart. She was a very brave lady, she took one day at a time and lived life to the end with a great open heart to her family and friends.Don't let Cancer take over your life, it can be beat and don't think of it as the end think of it as a fight and you will win. Keep in touch and let me know what a great fighter you are, I have faith you will win.

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