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經濟學 機會成本的問題 (英文)

1. Bob can paint one window frame or two walls in one hour. In the same time, Jessica can paint either two window frames or three walls.

a) Who has the lower opportunity cost in painting window frames?

b) Who has the lower apportunity cost in painting the walls?

c) If Bob and Jessica desire to minimize the time spent in painting, who should specialize in painting window frames and who should specialize in painting walls?


我搞不懂lower opportunity cost 到底是什麼意思?


Update 2:


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    1 decade ago
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    lower opportunity cost 就是相比之下 bob 和 jessica 哪一位要犧牲的東西比較少 花的比較少就能去達成另外一項工作

    1. jess has lower opportunity cost because it cost her 1.5 wall for 1 frame while it cost bob 2 wall for 1 frame

    2. bob has lower opportunity cost because it cost 0.5 frame for 1 wall while it cost jess 0.67 frame for 1 wall.

    3.bob should paint walls and jess should paint frames for maximum results

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