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Anyone know a basic world history timeline?

can someone tell me a timeline between 0 and 1400 of world history events please?

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    I hope you realize how unreasonable this request is! I'll give you some very limited information for Western Civ.

    Ok... in the year 0 CE The Roman Empire was just beginning (the Roman Republic had been around for hundreds of years). Augustus Caesar (Octavian) who succeeded Julius Caesar was in charge. Rome controlled egypt, Palestine and large parts of Europe.

    100 CE - Roman empire continues to grow, revolts across the empire have been put down.

    200 CE - Roman empire continues to grow. I believe it was around this time that Nero was burning the Christians.

    300 CE time of Constantine, during this century Christianity is made the state religion and persecution of Christians stop and the persecution of everyone else begins.

    400 CE Roman empire begins to crumble. This is the start of the dark ages in Western civ. Merovingian Kings begin around this time in France.

    500 CE - Dark ages. Roman empire is now split and Germanic tribes, Franks, etc... are growing stronger. Viking discovery North America about this time.

    600 CE - Dark ages.

    700 CE - Dark ages. Islam is formed by the prophet Mohammed.

    800 CE - Dark ages, the christianization of Europe and the British Isles continues. Druids and the like are killed and irradicated.

    900 CE - Dark ages. Plague, etc...

    1000 CE - British Isles invaded. Continual wars with France. Battle of Hastings in 1066. Crusades begin at the end of this century.

    1100 CE - Crusades to the Holy land, Jerusalem is taken.

    1200 CE - Crusades to the Holy land, Jerusalem and crusader kingsdoms are lost. Saladin defeats crusaders. Mongol invasions as well.

    1300 CE Crusades end, but Knights Templar possess incredible wealth, power and influence along with a lot of Castles, so on Friday the 13th, October of 1307 (I think its 07) The pope along with the French King issue secret orders to arrest all the Knights Templar that can be located on the same day. Surviving Templars (most of them) disband and merge into other orders, many fleeing to Scotland and Switzerland.

    1400 CE Religious oppression. Inquisitions, etc...

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    1 - 200 Pax Romana

    200 - 476 Barbarian incursions of the Roman Empire.

    378 Roman army destroyed at the battle of Adrianople

    451 Attila the Hun defeated at the battle of Chalons, saving Western Europe from conquest by the Huns.

    476 Fall of the Roman Empire in the West

    476 - 1097 The Dark Ages

    620 - 660 Arab Conquest

    732 Muslim expansion in Europe halted at the battle of Tours

    800 Charlemagne crowned first Holy Roman Emperor

    955 Magyars defeated in Germany

    1054 Split between the Catholic Church in Rome, and The Greek Orthodox Church in Constantinople

    1066 Battle of Hastings and Norman Conquest of England

    1071 Seljuk Turks defeat Byzantines at the battle of Manzikert.Beginning of the decline of the Byzantine Empire.

    1099 - First Crusade captures Jerusalem

    1190 - 1261 Mongols conquer a huge empire

    1204 Capture of Constantinople by the Fourth Crusade

    1261 Byzantines regain Constantinople

    1290 -1402 Rise of the Ottoman empire

    1291 Renaissance begins with the works of Giotto in Florence

    1291 Fall of Acre, last Crusader possession in the Holy Land.

    1336 Hundred Years War begins

    1378 Papal Schism begins

    1381 - 1405 Conquests of Timur the Great

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    hmmm you want your homework done for you? you should instead pay attention if you dont know simple things like NATO,United Nations, FDRK, kennedy, then you seriously do not pay attention

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