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I need help getting splinters on the back of my pinky from a wooden rail out. There's about 8 and I've tried tweezers, but the splinters are too thin/fine. I washed the area with hydrogen peroxide and put neosporin and a bandaid on it. Will it work itself out? If not, please, give me your best removal solutions!! It hurts! ):

P.s.: My dad is hell-bent on removing them with a needle or razor blade if I can't get them out. (!) Help.. D:

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    If you have someone else around who can try to get them out using both a lancet in combination with tweezers, then that would be the best approach, as it is usually easier for someone else to do this for you than to try to do it yourself.

    Another thing you may try is smply putting some Duct Tape (Or other tape with strong adhesive) on the skin where the splinters are and pressing down firmly. Allow the tape to stay in place for 15-20 minutes and then pull it off in a rapid motion (this is the same principle used when removing hair from parts of the body via hot wax and strips). You can also try a glue like rubber cement as well, but I believe the duct tape will be your best bet. Be aware that you should not leave the tape on too long, because you do not want it to rip your skin off with it, as this will make you have some raw skin which wll be more uncomfortable than the splinters. Also make sure that the area is completley dry and devoid of any ointments before applying the tape. If you do not then it will not adhere properly and it will not work.

    If you still have no luck, then you can tuff it out and eventually they will work their way to the surface of the skin and eventually come out. However this could take time depending on how deep they are, and if it is causing you pain you may not want to wait this long. Also, depending on how bad the puncture wounds are and how big the splinters are, you could risk infection by leaving them in for too long. So, in the instance you cannot get them out, you should go ahead and have a doctor take care of it.

    You can use lanacaine (spray on anesthetic and antiseptic) in the meantime to help with the pain and to keep the area clean. You may also want to take some advil (if you do not have any issues with NSAIDs) as this can also help with the pain and any inflammation.

    Good Luck

    Source(s): Toxicologist
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    One of the tricks is to expose just enough of the splinter so that you have enough to grab with tweezers. Actually, you may be better off if you get a "splinter" kit from your local drug store. They have "tweezers" that are much better at grabbing small splinters.

    So, wash your hands thoroughly and scrub -- scrub hard -- the area where the splinters are. This helps soften the skin as well as killing surface bacteria. If you can feel the splinters move a bit as you are scrubbing, then you probably have enough of them exposed to pull them out. If not, gently open the skin with the tweezers or a flame-sterilized needle. You may want to try to elevate the splinter out of the skin by "sweeping" the tweezers toward the splinter (start maybe 1/4 inch out) and pressing down slightly. This may help push the end of the splinter out a bit so that you can then close the tweezers around it.

    Once you get them out, wash your hands again and place a dab of the neosporin over the sites and cover with a bandaid for 24 hours.

    Source(s): RN, splinter magnet, and father of twins who have had their share of splinters too!
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