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What would happen if i ate too much garlic?

If i ate 2 heads of garlic a day not single little ones but the bunch of garlic

would i get sick would could happen?

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    Most likely you will be fine - aside from smelling pretty bad. As pointed out earlier garlic is a natural cleanser (it just doesn't smell like it). The one thing however that I would be careful of is anemia. Raw garlic generally is a better cleanser and antioxidant than cooked garlic; however, raw garlic is also more likely to cause anemia in large amounts. The specific type of anemia caused by eating a lot of raw garlic is called Heinz-body Hemolytic Anemia and is caused by the thiosulfate in the garlic denaturing the hemoglobin in your blood. Actually raw onions will cause this even faster than raw garlic because onions contain more thiosulfate. Some people are a lot more sensitive to the effects of thiosulfate than others, so I suggest you start with a little and work your way up. The symptoms of HBH Anemia are shortness of breath, fatigue, pain in the chest, sore tongue, and possibly blisters or pain in other parts of the mouth.

    As an aside, never feed raw onions or garlic to dogs, cats, or other primates (i.e. monkeys) for that matter, as they are all much more sensitive to thiosulfate than humans and often die from exposure to it.

    If you want to eat raw garlic without the thiosulfate, try fermented garlic - garlic that has aged in whey or raw vinegar for awhile. It's delicious and is an Italian and small farm delicacy that greatly reduces thiosulfate in the garlic.

    If you have an interest, the myth of vampires being allergic to garlic actually stems from this disease. In the past people thought to be "vampires" were simply anemic and garlic made their anemia much worse. It is also thought that people who tend to eat mostly meat may be more sensitive to garlic.

    Hope this helps and doesn't scare you away from garlic.

    Source(s): I'm a med student, plus I am a bit more thiosulfate sensitive than the average person.
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    Too Much Garlic

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    after eating raw garlic for 4 days to try and flush out Gallstones … I feel very ill, lots of mucus, rapid heart rate, heaviness in my chest, unbelievable fatigue.. hard to walk across the room. My mouth and throat are very sore, they feel burned.. my tongue has a thick white coating on it.. it came on quick on the 4th day, witch was the last day of the liver/gallbladder flush, followed by a glass of oil. The oil was supposed to cause the gallbladder to contract and flush the gallstones out.

    I have seen this work for other people so i thought i would try it, but I have an Auto immune disorder (un-described a bit like lupus) with which often cause inflammation in my body.

    so, dormant auto-immune, gallbladder issues, 4 days of fasting on garlic = feeling very very sick.. so those people telling you nothing can happen .. don’t believe them :(

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    Make sure to give your dog a fresh bowl of water immediately. Then, periodically take her out to relieve herself to help minimize any stress. Going for a walk in fresh air will stimulate the digestive tract and allow her to throw up if necessary. During that time, the floor should be disinfected with non-toxic cleaner. Try training her not to step foot in the kitchen, usually hazardous place for animals while someone is cooking. Hope she is doing fine!

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    You wouldn't get sick.

    Garlic, like onions, is a natural cleanser for the body. I think the only adverse side effects of eating too much garlic is that your sweat would get a little garlic smelling and funky.

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    I mixed raw crushed garlic with plain yoghurt and problem is I put too much garlic in yoghurt and now my blood pressure is low. Normally my blood pressure is normal I now feel light headed. People with low and normal blood pressure they need to be careful it can cause as death.

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    OMG! i've tried for 2 days my BP getting lower ... garlic may work better for those who are hypertention.

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    You'll stink to high heavens but not much else. And maybe your close friends with keep their distance. LOL

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    Well, aside from smelling like an italian kitchen, probably not much :)

  • No , but everyone around u might get ill.

    Source(s): Experience
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