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Carlos Pena injured? How?

I just got home so don't go hating on me. What happen to Pena? I just heard he broke 2 fingers and is out for the season. How did he break 2 fingers? Please don't tell me another Yankee hit another batter....


how many people are we gonna hit before the season is over!

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    Extended his arms, realized it was inside, checked his swing and tried to pull his hands in, but got hit square on the fingers. Because he was swinging it was a strike and not a hit by pitch. He stayed up, but on the next pitch he couldn't control the bat and was in a lot of pain.

    He then went into the tunnel and got very mad (completely understandable) and x-rays showed two broken fingers, he's done for the year. But so are the Rays, so it's not a huge loss for them.

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    He did a slight check-swing and the ball hit his hands.. here's a closer look at what happened http://mlb.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20090907&c...

    It absolutely sucks.. I feel sad although I'm not even a Rays fan because Pena's a great guy and this will hurt them a lot and lessen their chances of even making it into the playoffs. I know if it were a guy on my own team I would be really devastated.

  • Swung & hit the ball off his hands. A very messed up way to end the season.

  • Anonymous
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    What a way to go.

    Remember the Phillies cather, Lieberthal, stepped out of a golf cart and was on the DL for a year.

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    Greg is right. He swung and got hit on the hands.

  • Anonymous
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    he swung and he hit the ball off his hands while cc was pitching.

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    out for year

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