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U-Haul 78130 Hitch help?

I am looking to buy a hitch online for my truck. I looked on U-haul and they have a round tube receiver hitch for $119.95. But the problem is I cant get a picture. It is a class III hitch but I dont know any further info. Does anyone know more about this hitch? Is it a 2-inch receiver? Is it nice? Thanks

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    I am a U-Haul Dealer and I can't get a picture of a lot of the hitches either. You might want to call HitchCentral at 800-234-8869 to ask your specific questions. I tried to pull up 78130 and it doesn't show a picture on my end either. It shows it to be Class 3 with a maximum load rating of 3,500 pounds [or 5K with a load-distributing system].

    Keep in mind, as well, that although as a U-Haul Dealer I can sell you a U-Haul hitch the Lifetime Warranty only comes on a hitch installed by a U-Haul owned store [referred in our system as a Moving Center].

    You might want to look in your local Yellow pages for a U-Haul dealer in your area. I can't give you our price but if you let a U-Haul dealer order you one off their website they could likely get it for you at a price less than the UH website is quoting. Maybe...maybe not, but it's worth a shot.

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    I went to the U-Haul site and that number does not come up but a class III hitch will be have a 2 inch receiver, the year make and model of your vehicle would be helpful and you can email this info and I will check further........

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