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1000 paper cranes okay to give?

So I have this teacher for almost 4 years and I didn't very much liked her style of teaching. During my sophomore year I was getting fed up with having her in my favorite class. Unfortunately she got ovarian cancer.

Now that I think for what she has done and not acknowledging her, I feel really bad. To make things up I wanted to give her I guess the 1000 cranes before I leave for college.

Is it okay to give it to her? If so, what do you do once you have all 1000 of them folded?

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    Well I don't think u have anything to feel bad about. Does everyone need to be treated like some kid of a hero because they have cancer? I think that is stupid. With all the people in the world everyone is gonna dislike someone. A ***** is a ***** no matter what disease she may have.

    After you fold 1000 cranes I think you are supposed to make a wish. Now if you wished that there was something that would remove her from your class, then I would feel guilty.But other than that I don't think you have anything to feel bad about. Or if you were really hard on her too but don't think that jut because she has cancer that she can be a ***** and everyone has to worship her. That is just bullshit. If she gives **** than she must be prepared to take ****.

    And as for giving them to her, I think it would be a nice gesture, but just think about it. What would you do if someone gave u a thousand paper birds? I think very few people would keep them. Now I don't know if you are supposed to give them away, but if you are, I think you should ive them to someone who means something to you personally and not because they have a disease.

    It is human nature to not like someone and just because they have cancer it shouldn't change that unless this experience has made them a better person and all that **** that you always hear about. But I don't think you have anything to feel bad about and not liking a teacher is completely normal.

    Please e-mail me your thoughts on this.

    Source(s): My own observations of the human race.
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    You string them in combination in order that they nest in combination in a protracted garland, after which fold the garland smartly in a field. It might definitely be ok to ship them--in particular for the period of a excursion for decorations-- despite the fact that the special location you might ship it might differ from location to location. I might additionally advise drawing near the media, your loved ones, peers and colleagues and asking them to "sponsor" cranes, in order that you're sending cash at the side of your thousand cranes. "I'm folding cranes for charity. You can sponsor one for 5 greenbacks." Would do the trick, and it might upload to a symbolic gesture.

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